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25 October 2013

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Hola lovely readers❤  Finally I came back from @Taiwan❤  And I knew you guys miss me so muchie so I decided to blog once I came back to Malaysia. =)  Once I reach home mammy told me there are several parcel that send by my sponsors and I have been rushed by sponsors when I was at Taiwan. (O.O''')  When I opened my lappy I saw 100++ unread emails!! Agghhh....I wish I can skip all these things and continue my holiday mode but I can't. I need to gambateh and blog all of them asap. =D

As I promised to you guys, I will blog about my 9D8N Taiwan Trip. No worries. But maybe the next post alright?  ^-^ Just remember to keep track with my blog.

So have you guys ever heard of Butter & Bread ?? I'm sure you guys are quite hungry when you saw this boutique name. =D  B&B started up at 2012. It offering the latest chic, sweet and stylish collections at reasonable price. ButterAndBread.com.my is a wholesaler cum end-user website that aims at giving the lowest possible price for all resellers & end-consumers. This website is beneficial to resellers who want fast delivery and low cost per item or customers who love online shopping and feel the pinch of spending a lot for a few pieces on other websites. 

#1  If you guys noticed the first picture of the post, I received a box of magic lens from them.  I'm sure you guys knew what is magic lens right? =)  Magic lens is some kind of camera lens which can attached to our mobile phone and enable the camera screen become wider than previous.

#2 The box included a lens, lens case, things that attached on the phone and a little cute bag.

#3  So this is the front view when I attached it to my phone.

#4  The back view. The lens quite big right? XD

#5  Beside of the magic lens, I also received a cute pink polka dot hairband from them.

#6  The hair band is so adorable When you wanna wash your face or apply make-up, you just need to wear this then all are easily to be done. ;)  Your hair won't be wet when you are washing your face and it will make your face cleaner.

#7  The big bow make your face even smaller. LOL

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  1. Hi, blogwalking here.

    Saw the video but unfortunately, I don't know Chinese haha.

    Anyways, that headband looks really cute!

    1. Hi there, thanks for passing by. LOL~ Sorry about that, my English is suck. ^_^'''
      Thanks for the compliment <3