14 April 2013

Genting Half-day Trip ❤

~ ♡ ~

Hola guyz♥  Time tick tock so fast !!  My internship still left like about 6 weeks !  Hopefully can end is asap because I desperate wanna get back my study life.  I guess most of the working people knew the reason.  =D

Since I've been busy with my working life, I started seldom meet with my boyfie. And he's so SWEET to me cause last week when I was saying it's quite a long time I didn't step in @Genting. So, he heard that and purposely come to meet me after I finish work and bring me went to Genting for chilling.  ^_^

Genting Moment :

#1.  While on the way to Genting.  ^^V

#2.  Quite happy to chilling with boyfie cause my current working life is quite tired and bored due to the working hours.


#4.  And we reach our destination !!

#5.  #sotd - Shini's Outfits of the Day (British style)

#6.  That day's outfits was #Forever 21 sweater | #BLUE LABEL Burberry Bag from JAPAN | #MNG short pants | #H&M's socks | #Forever 21 boots

#7.  Bought something at @First World.

#8.  Wanna selca anywhere but my boyfie keeping disturb me. =.=

#9.  Check out his silly face. XD



We didn't overnight there because it was last minute and when we reach there was about 11.45pm. We chilling, have some drink, took some supper and reach home about 5am.  We need to sleep tight cause the next day would be accompany my younger sister to University Open Day and back to Ipoh.  =)

So that's all for today and will be blog about some feature on the next post. Please STAY TUNED♥  O(≧▽≦♥)O

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