20 April 2013

Party Hat : AWESOME Party Services ❤

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Hey there guyz   When I talk about Party Hat, what's in your mind? Yes !! It's P-A-R-T-Y !!  If your birthday just around the corner, you got the idea how to celebrate it but don't know where and how to start? Then you should read this post !!  ^3^ So last week, one company called "Party Hat" emailed me to blog about them. 


So, what's about Party Hat ?? Party Hat is actually founded by Audrey and Angeline. They love doing fun things like hosting parties and pigging out in new restaurants. And guess what !? They provide many variety of services, such as :

#2.  Princess Pamper Party - If you're looking for something special as a birthday treat for your little girl this year, allow Party Hat to organize a Princess Pamper Party for you! Let your daughter invite her friends over to your house. Party Hat team will arrive with everything necessary, so you just sit back and relax!  =)

Princess Pamper Party Menu:
♥ Finger Nails Painting
♥ Nail art stickers
♥ Princess Tiara
♥ Light Makeup & Lipgloss
♥ Pretty Hairdo
♥ Princess Necklace
♥ Craft Activity

Also includes:
♥ FREE "Princess of the Day" certificate
♥ FREE themed party invitation
♥ FREE Favor Bag with goodies worth RM10


#3.  Cupcake Decorating Party - If you're looking for something unique as a birthday treat for your children this year, allow Party Hat to organize a cupcake decorating party for you! Invite your little guests to your house and Party Hat team will come prepared with everything necessary. All they need you to do is sit back and relax whilst the children are having fun! ^.^

Cupcake Decorating Party Menu:
♥ Two fresh cupcakes for each child
♥ Guided cupcake decorating by our host
♥ Frosting in various colors
♥ Many types of toppings like M&Ms, sprinklers, fruity loops, gummy candies, fruits, and lots more!

Also includes:
♥ FREE "I decorated this cupcake" certificate
♥ FREE themed party invitation
♥ FREE Take-home Cupcake Box


#4.  Theme Party Decoration - They will prepare everything to you regarding to your theme :

  • *Theme Novelty Cake
  • Mini Muffins or Apoms 
  • Noodles or Rice
  • Kids Finger Food (chicken nuggets/spring rolls/squid balls/cocktail sausages)
  • Salad or Fresh Fruits
  • Packet Drinks
  • Candies (lollipops, marshmallows, sugar gummies, belly button biscuits)
  • A3 Personalised Welcome Signage
  • Personalised Banner
  • Personalised Table Decor (food toppers/food labels)
  • Balloons Decor
  • Party Supplies (disposable plates, spoons, forks, serviettes)


#5.  Dessert Table Decoration - Party Hat provides 4 types of dessert : Candy, Chocolate, Popcorn & Cookies Buffet Table Setup & Decor. For example, if I wanna choose Chocolate Buffet Table Setup & Decor. They will provide me :

Chocolate choices :

     Chocolate Chip Cookies
  Chocolate Balls
  Chocolate Muffins
  Chocolate Sticks
  Chocolate Wafers
Chocolate Cake

  Bags for takeaway
  Customized labels on bags or boxes
  Onsite setup and decoration
  Containers, serving plates, tongs will be supplied
  Free delivery within Klang Valley, Malaysia

  Also available:

  Coffee or tea at additional cost


#6.  Personalized Party Printables - This would be my favourite services❤  Because I guess if we decided do our own, this would be time consuming and some of the company didn't provide this kind of services. Party Hat can help you make this done and your friends and family can keep this as a gift or souvenir even after the party end.  ^_^

They provide :

♥ Chocolate Wrappers     
♥ Bottle Label     
♥ Food Toppers     
♥ Banner     
♥ Gift Tag
     ♥ Photo Props      
♥ Signage     
♥ Stickers    
♥ Food Label   
♥ Straw Tag
♥ Treat Bag Toppers    
♥ Cake Bunting    
♥ Party Packs etc
All printables have a MOQ of 30 pcs (except for banner, bunting, food label & signage)

Feel interested ?? Contact them now
-  Party Hat website - http://partyhatmy.blogspot.com/

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