24 April 2013

24/4 - Shopping and Movie Day❤

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Hi lovely readers❤  Okay I lied. This post was suppose to be blog on last few weeks. =D  But I'm totally forgotten !!  Last few weeks, I was outing with my friends for movie and shopping since I was quite stress  and bored about my working life . =)

#Selca Moment :

#1.  Heehaa~  I'm a cow girl on that day !! ^-^


#3.  Match my hat with simple outfits - Top from @H&M | Pants from @Vintage de Beauty | Bag from @Armani Exchange

#4.  Simple curl my hair.  =)



Once we reached @Sunway Pyramid, we straight away take our brunch before the movie is start. =) 

#7.  Forgotten the name of the shop.(Some kind of Korean style)  =P

#8.  Bought a #denim jacket and some thingy before headed to cinema. Loveitmuchie 

#Movie of the day | G.I.Joe 2 - Retaliation :


Since my friend didn't watch the episode 1, therefore don't know the storyline. We all misunderstand #Storm Shadow, he's quite innocent for all these years.(in the movie)  My favourite is #Snake Eye since episode 1.  ^^  But overall I think episode 1 is better.  

After the movie end, we thought wanna go for friend's party. But it was an alcoholic party, so I refused to go (since recently I'm decide to stop drinking rarely)

#10.  Last picture.

Since many sweeties keep asking me to blog about my @Hokkaido, Japan Trip, I'm so sorry, I'm totally forgotten and I will blog about it on the next coming post. Thanks for remind me.  XD  Love ya

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