5 May 2013

Kristy's Collection ❤

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Hi lovely readers♥  Got something nice gonna introduce to y'all. If you're looking for trendy / vintage / unique accessories, then you should take a look at this shop - @Kristy's Collection \(≧▽≦♥)/

They're currently selling Necklace, Earrings, Rings, Bracelet, Bangle, Anklet, Hat, Cap, Closet, Stocking, Special Make-up Accessories and etc.  Actually I'm looking for trendy and colourful earrings since long time ago, but still can't found my type even visited many accessories shop. But at Kristy's Collection, you can find many these kinds of accessories.

#Kristy's Collection :

#1.  Their name card.  =)

#2.  The accessories that I had chosen. Ring, Earrings, Bracelet and Sun glasses.  =)

#3.  Love the earrings DAMN MUCH

#4.  This vintage sun glasses is from them too. ^-^


The reason why need to buy from them :

❤  Price is reasonable.

❤  Products come with good quality.

❤  Friendly services.

❤  Products with trendy, vintage and unique.

For those sweeties who are interested, please visit their Facebook Page :

They not just selling online, they are having their own shop too. If you wanna take a look of the real product, please visit them at @De Garden, Ipoh.  =)

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