10 May 2013


Hola guyz❤  Since the day I bought my new toy - Casio Exilim ZR1000, many sweeties keep on pm me asking some question about it. Today I would like to answer it one by one.  =)  But first, let me explain about  the benefits of the camera.  At the heart of the EX-ZR1000 is the new EXILIM Engine HS 3. It offers the "TRIPLE ZERO" solution, eliminating delays, blurring and shaking. The innovative image processor sets new standards in subject recognition and high-speed image processing, and has been developed to allow you to take better pictures — quickly, easily and reliably. Brand new features such as the function ring and the TFT colour display, which can be tilted up to 180°, allow for easy, intuitive operation. Equipped with a 24 mm wide-angle lens and a 12.5x optical zoom, the EX-ZR1000 captures every last detail. In addition to the zoom functions, the EXILIM EX-ZR1000 has an all-in-focus macro function that selects the areas in focus and combines a series of shots with different focus settings into a perfect photo. Using this function, both the subject in the foreground and objects, landscapes or people far behind are brought into focus and appear sharp.

#Some filters that I like about it :

#1.  The first one of course would be the #Make-up Level.  It make your skin looks nice and smooth even you didn't apply any make-up.  ^-^

#2.  I personally think flash is better than without flash, but it's just my own opinion.  =)  (Left - without flash | Right - flash)

#3.  This is #Food filter in BEST SHOT.

#4.  From #Light Tone in ART SHOT.

#5.  From #Light Tone.

#6.  From #Toy filter in ART SHOT.

#7.  ZR1000 has a small tripod attached on the camera.  =)

In case some sweeties wanna know more about it, I had make a #vlog :

Canon Exilim ZR1000 Review 
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Q & A sessions :

1.  How about your Baby S (Canon SX30-IS)? Are you plan to selling it? Can sell to me?
Oopsie~ Sorry, I'm not plan to sell it because I'm still need it for recording video. 

2.  How much is the camera ?
It is RM1399.

3.  Where can get this ?
You can find any shop of Fotokem.

4.  Having how many colours ?
Total having 3 colours : Black, White and Red.

5.  What do you think about the camera ?
I think it's good. Never regret to bought this.

6.  Would it be difficult to use ?
No. It's user-friendly.

If you still have question about it, just inbox me @Shini Lola II on facebook. =)  Hope you guys will enjoy this post.   

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