14 May 2013

#Product Review : Shiseido Senka Whitening Lotion S ❤

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Ohaiyo gozaimas❤  Do you girls know what we most needed for our skin? Moisture and Whitening as well.  Today I'm gonna introduce you guys product from @Japan which is #Shiseido Senka Facial Lotion S | 美白化妆水   ^-^  Recently got quite a number of sweeties asked me why my skin is turning fairer than previous, it's because I'm using it daily right now. =)

Seriously, I think the outcome is good. I means it works on my skin (not sure about skin of you guys). I just using it for 1 month and the outcome already turn out nice.  =D  Before that my skin is really dry, dull and having uneven skin tone. But now, by using this daily, I can say bubye to my dull skin.  ^.^V

#Shiseido Senka Facial Lotion S :

#1.  This is it


DETAIL about the product :

❤  Please remember the whitening lotion consist of 2 types : R (For dehydrated skin), S (For oily & normal skin).

❤  Price would be RM39.90.

❤  Available at @Watson's.

❤  This is Whitening range, you can try the other categories of their products.  

❤  I'm using once in each day since I still got a lots of products to be used. You can try to use twice per day.

For more information, please visit their site - http://www.hada-senka.com/product/product_03.html
Recently try out a lots variety of beauty care products, will be blog about them soon too Love ya~

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