Hola peepo❤  Sorry for the late update ya guyz, recently just keep busying reply those customer's pm on my business page, so I don't contribute much at mua bloggie~  >,<  

So, anyone is thinking your skin is dull or dark? or your skin is so dry now? or your skin is got some pimples or wrinkles?  or you wanna lose your weight?  Now we have a solution for you~  =)

As you guyz know my business page is selling variety of products, it also included soap❤  Soap? "Seriously is it can be trustful? I really afraid that my skin will turn to sensitive after I use it".  I know, some customers will have a thought about this. Therefore, before I started to selling the soap, I decided to try it on my skin first~  =)

Few weeks ago, I order the soap from my vendors, and I received it after 2 days~  (Sweetie, if you're interested, please focus on the picture, the outcome is like picture below when you receive it) 

#We're using Skynet to post the items
#The track ID
#The soap : I'm trying the whitening soap
#The descriptions
#I'm open it now!
#After the opening
#So white

So here are some DETAIL of the soap :

1.  We're selling different type of soap. The main function of this soap is for whitening, moisturising, and smooth. (If you wanna other functions of soap, please check the picture below)

2.  The price is RM14 excluded postage. 

3.  You can get it at Vintage de Beauty.

4.  This soap can apply only for the BODY PART. My advice is before you start apply on your body, please try it on your hand first, if you're not sensitive with it, then you can start using it on your body.

5.  Price can't be negotiate, but if you buy for 10 pieces above, I will give you 10% discount.

6.  Any inquiry please pm me or leave a comment on my business page, Vintage de Beauty

As I already mentioned above, we're selling variety of soaps, so here are the others :

#Hello Kitty Sakura Soap (RM18)
Functions : Moisturising, smooth, smell good, suit for sensitive skin person
#Honey Anti-Acne Soap (body)
Functions : Moisturising, smooth, whitening, reduce acne
#Lose Weight Soap
Functions : Lose weight, skin become elastic, (pregnant women can't be use it on the stomach)
#Anti-Acne Soap (body & face)
Functions : Reduce acne
#Anti-Wrinkles Soap
Functions : Reduce wrinkles, reduce scars

For more information, please Contact Us

Hola Guyz❤  Sorry for not being efficient to update mua bloggie, recently keep busying with my brand new business page❤  Although this few days are really tired, but feel satisfied when looking customer's feedback and they are happy about my products. ^^  Thanks for y'all of the supports and hopefully my mini business will go so well and smooth in future❤  =]

So, today post is talk about whitening mask that lightening our face~  Since swimming class on last semester, my skin become darker with suddenly, especially my face.  =(  So I try to find some mask that will work on whitening, and then, I found it - GARNIER : Lightening Peel-Off Mask


At first, I was wondering whether it's work on my skin or not before purchase it, because I just ever try the rolling eye gel which is one of the GARNIER's products. Therefore, I just bought 2 pack and try it.

#You can split into 2
#Open it and apply on all around your face
(Wait for 15-20 minutes)
#Peel off the mask
#Look's like snake skin~  XD

Surprisingly, the outcome is so NICE❤  My skin stay white everyday~ ^.^  But of course you need to maintain it, don't purposely go and stand under the sunlight.  LOL~~~~

So again, here are some DETAIL of it :

1.  You can find it at Watson or Guardian.

2.  Price is reasonable, only RM5++

3.  Outcome is good, it make my skin turn white. (It's work on my skin, but I'm not sure whether it will work on yours or not, so if not, don't try to blame on me, I'm just sharing  =D )

4.  It can be use 2-3 times per pack.

5. Remember, when you apply on the face, don't apply with thick layer, just a thin layer is enough.  =)

Well well, that's all for today. See you soon guyz❤  ^^


Yuhoo peepo❤  How you guyz doing?  Well well, mua first week of Degree Year 2 - 2nd sem is already passed~  Saw some friends already starting busy, but we're still relaxing~  Not because of we're lazy, is our lecturer seem so relax, that's why we're relax too~  XD

Yesterday just finish photo-shooting with photographer Vincent❤  Quite satisfied with the outcome~ He is the first photographer who don't like I'm smiling infront of the camera, he want me to pretending cool~  Hmm...normally photographer also wanna me to smile infront of the camera, maybe he's the unique one~  XD


The photographer still working on the others pictures~  Will be upload to here once he's done~  =)


As you guyz know,  I'm having my mini business now, which is selling contact lens and other items as I already mentioned at previous post~  Normally I posted those photos on my personal facebook account and my page as well~  But still, some of the customers might feel confused about it. And then, they suggested me to open a page to represent my own businnes page~ Therefore, my business page was created - Vintage de Beauty


I always wanna having a company named Vintage, and finally I successes ~  =)  The purpose to create this page is to provide more organize and detail towards customers. And yet, customers which are not my friends in my personal account also can observe the photos. The page is brand new, I had just created it on yesterday~  So you might feel the page quite empty there~  ^_^'''  There are still many items I haven't upload yet, so please stay tuned ya guyz~  Hopefully you guyz will like my page~  For more information, please pm my personal facebook account - ShiNi LoLa II  (http://www.facebook.com/NEWShiNiLoLa) or inbox me at the Vintage de Beauty page (http://www.facebook.com/VintagedeBeauty)  It's a new feature for page, so you guyz can directly message me there❤  =]


Herlo Peepo❤  Mua University is reopen!  This semester is a shorty semester which generally means I will be rushing all of the assignments, mid-term, test, quiz and presentation on this tiny period~  >,<  So hopefully my beloved visitors don't blame me if I din update my bloggie regularly ya~  =]

So this post is about the eye mask that I had used since few months ago, which is 'Open Your Eyes Mask Sheet'~  

So here are some DETAIL of it  :

1.  The different of this mask with others is it will cover all the eye area.

2.  It's gel type, so it will make you feel more comfortable. Got cool sensation.

3.  The price is about RM15++  (if i'm not mistaken)  ^_^'''

4.  You can find it at Etude House.

5.  Apply it for 20 - 30 minutes.

6.  It's useful especially for those people who always face with computer. (Like me)  =P

So that's all for the Mask Sheet, hope it will work on your eyes too~  =]

There's another thing i wanna inform to you guyz~  As you guyz already know, I got my mini business which is selling contact lens that I already mentioned on previous post. But what you guyz doesn't know is I also got selling other items beside of lens.  =]

At first, check out my PAGE (http://www.facebook.com/ShiNiLoLaPage)  and find the photo album called SHOPPING.com  (http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150651215589427.411213.326660574426&type=3)  Then, you will see there are some items that  i'm selling~  =]  If you're interested, please kindly pm me, I will reply to you asap~  ^^

There are some items that I'm currently selling  :

#HELLO KITTY CASING for Samsung Galaxy SII

I will try to update again when I'm free or restock~  Please pm me if you wanna know more~  =]  Lastly, thanks for all customers who purchased from me. I'm really appreciate and hope you guyz will keep supporting me~  LOVE Y'AL~~~~❤  


Bonjour Peeps❤  This post is special for those girls who questioned me about the GenTeal Gel (http://shiniharumi.blogspot.com/2012/03/genteal-gel-say-bubye-to-red-eye-ball.html) that I blogged on few days ago.  If you still can't get what i means, please CLICK on the link above to check out previous post~  =]  I will answer the question one-by-one as follows.


The frequently questions that asked by most people  : 

1.  When to apply the gel ?    
     -  You can apply the GenTeal Gel before or after you wearing the contact lens. For example, you apply it and wait for 5-10 minutes, then you can wear your lens / take out your lens and apply the gel.

2.  Can I apply the gel when I'm wearing the contact lens ?
    -  No. Please remember don't try to apply the gel when you're wearing the lens.

3.  Why I can't find it at Watson ?
    -  As I mentioned at the previous post, this GenTeal Gel only available at Guardian or other Pharmacies. It is not available at Watson. (Not sure about the Guardian located at Singapore, cause got Singaporean told me she can't find at Singapore.)  ><

4.  How much for the gel ?
     -  The price of the GenTeal Gel is RM22.90 (Guardian), I'm not sure the price of it at other Pharmacies shop.

If you still have other questions about the GenTeal Gel, please drop your question on my PAGE (http://www.facebook.com/ShiNiLoLaPage) or pm my facebook (http://www.facebook.com/NEWShiNiLoLa)  I will respond your question at there~  =]

Oh ya!  Imma inform you guyz currently i'm having my mini business which is selling contact lens~ Fyi, you can check it out my PAGE (http://www.facebook.com/ShiNiLoLaPage)



Then you can find out the photos of the contact lens~ Some girls also pm me some frequently question,so I will provide the answers here~  =]

1.  What brands do you have ?
     -  Currently we have only 4 brands, which are....

Princess Nudy Series  (14.7mm)
Pop C Light Series  (15.5mm)
Pop C Dark Series  (15.5mm)
Dueba Dreamy Series  (14.5mm)

2.  How much for each pair of them ?
     -  Each pair of them is RM37 include postage. Each brand is the same price.

3.  How I know which brand is suitable for me ?
     -  Please pm me what effect and condition you want, then i will introduce you the brand that suit you the most.

4.  If I buy more, do I have the discount ?
     -  Sure. If you buy 3 pairs above, I will give you discount.

5.  I'm afraid my eyes will be dry after wearing these.
     -  Don't worry. Our contact lens are full of 40% above of water. If you still feel dry, try to use the GenTeal Gel that I mentione above.

6.  How long for the lifespan ?
    -  Our contact lens can wear for 1 year, but what I suggest is don't wear over 3 month, any contact lens will become dirty since you wear it for a long period.

7.  How to contact you if I'm interested ?
       -  There are several ways to contact me  :
    Facebook  -  pm me  (http://www.facebook.com/NEWShiNiLoLa)
    Page  -  drop comment on the photo album or photo  (http://www.facebook.com/ShiNiLoLaPage)
    Email  -  email me (shini_harumi_kun@hotmail.com)

That's all for this post. if you still got other questions, please contact me ya~ Thank you  =)

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