8 March 2012

❤ Q&A for GenTeal Gel and Contact Lens


Bonjour Peeps❤  This post is special for those girls who questioned me about the GenTeal Gel (http://shiniharumi.blogspot.com/2012/03/genteal-gel-say-bubye-to-red-eye-ball.html) that I blogged on few days ago.  If you still can't get what i means, please CLICK on the link above to check out previous post~  =]  I will answer the question one-by-one as follows.


The frequently questions that asked by most people  : 

1.  When to apply the gel ?    
     -  You can apply the GenTeal Gel before or after you wearing the contact lens. For example, you apply it and wait for 5-10 minutes, then you can wear your lens / take out your lens and apply the gel.

2.  Can I apply the gel when I'm wearing the contact lens ?
    -  No. Please remember don't try to apply the gel when you're wearing the lens.

3.  Why I can't find it at Watson ?
    -  As I mentioned at the previous post, this GenTeal Gel only available at Guardian or other Pharmacies. It is not available at Watson. (Not sure about the Guardian located at Singapore, cause got Singaporean told me she can't find at Singapore.)  ><

4.  How much for the gel ?
     -  The price of the GenTeal Gel is RM22.90 (Guardian), I'm not sure the price of it at other Pharmacies shop.

If you still have other questions about the GenTeal Gel, please drop your question on my PAGE (http://www.facebook.com/ShiNiLoLaPage) or pm my facebook (http://www.facebook.com/NEWShiNiLoLa)  I will respond your question at there~  =]

Oh ya!  Imma inform you guyz currently i'm having my mini business which is selling contact lens~ Fyi, you can check it out my PAGE (http://www.facebook.com/ShiNiLoLaPage)



Then you can find out the photos of the contact lens~ Some girls also pm me some frequently question,so I will provide the answers here~  =]

1.  What brands do you have ?
     -  Currently we have only 4 brands, which are....

Princess Nudy Series  (14.7mm)
Pop C Light Series  (15.5mm)
Pop C Dark Series  (15.5mm)
Dueba Dreamy Series  (14.5mm)

2.  How much for each pair of them ?
     -  Each pair of them is RM37 include postage. Each brand is the same price.

3.  How I know which brand is suitable for me ?
     -  Please pm me what effect and condition you want, then i will introduce you the brand that suit you the most.

4.  If I buy more, do I have the discount ?
     -  Sure. If you buy 3 pairs above, I will give you discount.

5.  I'm afraid my eyes will be dry after wearing these.
     -  Don't worry. Our contact lens are full of 40% above of water. If you still feel dry, try to use the GenTeal Gel that I mentione above.

6.  How long for the lifespan ?
    -  Our contact lens can wear for 1 year, but what I suggest is don't wear over 3 month, any contact lens will become dirty since you wear it for a long period.

7.  How to contact you if I'm interested ?
       -  There are several ways to contact me  :
    Facebook  -  pm me  (http://www.facebook.com/NEWShiNiLoLa)
    Page  -  drop comment on the photo album or photo  (http://www.facebook.com/ShiNiLoLaPage)
    Email  -  email me (shini_harumi_kun@hotmail.com)

That's all for this post. if you still got other questions, please contact me ya~ Thank you  =)

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