30 March 2012

❤ Soaps from Vintage de Beauty


Hola peepo❤  Sorry for the late update ya guyz, recently just keep busying reply those customer's pm on my business page, so I don't contribute much at mua bloggie~  >,<  

So, anyone is thinking your skin is dull or dark? or your skin is so dry now? or your skin is got some pimples or wrinkles?  or you wanna lose your weight?  Now we have a solution for you~  =)

As you guyz know my business page is selling variety of products, it also included soap❤  Soap? "Seriously is it can be trustful? I really afraid that my skin will turn to sensitive after I use it".  I know, some customers will have a thought about this. Therefore, before I started to selling the soap, I decided to try it on my skin first~  =)

Few weeks ago, I order the soap from my vendors, and I received it after 2 days~  (Sweetie, if you're interested, please focus on the picture, the outcome is like picture below when you receive it) 

#We're using Skynet to post the items
#The track ID
#The soap : I'm trying the whitening soap
#The descriptions
#I'm open it now!
#After the opening
#So white

So here are some DETAIL of the soap :

1.  We're selling different type of soap. The main function of this soap is for whitening, moisturising, and smooth. (If you wanna other functions of soap, please check the picture below)

2.  The price is RM14 excluded postage. 

3.  You can get it at Vintage de Beauty.

4.  This soap can apply only for the BODY PART. My advice is before you start apply on your body, please try it on your hand first, if you're not sensitive with it, then you can start using it on your body.

5.  Price can't be negotiate, but if you buy for 10 pieces above, I will give you 10% discount.

6.  Any inquiry please pm me or leave a comment on my business page, Vintage de Beauty

As I already mentioned above, we're selling variety of soaps, so here are the others :

#Hello Kitty Sakura Soap (RM18)
Functions : Moisturising, smooth, smell good, suit for sensitive skin person
#Honey Anti-Acne Soap (body)
Functions : Moisturising, smooth, whitening, reduce acne
#Lose Weight Soap
Functions : Lose weight, skin become elastic, (pregnant women can't be use it on the stomach)
#Anti-Acne Soap (body & face)
Functions : Reduce acne
#Anti-Wrinkles Soap
Functions : Reduce wrinkles, reduce scars

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