21 March 2012

❤ GARNIER - Lightening Peel-Off Mask (Review)


Hola Guyz❤  Sorry for not being efficient to update mua bloggie, recently keep busying with my brand new business page❤  Although this few days are really tired, but feel satisfied when looking customer's feedback and they are happy about my products. ^^  Thanks for y'all of the supports and hopefully my mini business will go so well and smooth in future❤  =]

So, today post is talk about whitening mask that lightening our face~  Since swimming class on last semester, my skin become darker with suddenly, especially my face.  =(  So I try to find some mask that will work on whitening, and then, I found it - GARNIER : Lightening Peel-Off Mask


At first, I was wondering whether it's work on my skin or not before purchase it, because I just ever try the rolling eye gel which is one of the GARNIER's products. Therefore, I just bought 2 pack and try it.

#You can split into 2
#Open it and apply on all around your face
(Wait for 15-20 minutes)
#Peel off the mask
#Look's like snake skin~  XD

Surprisingly, the outcome is so NICE❤  My skin stay white everyday~ ^.^  But of course you need to maintain it, don't purposely go and stand under the sunlight.  LOL~~~~

So again, here are some DETAIL of it :

1.  You can find it at Watson or Guardian.

2.  Price is reasonable, only RM5++

3.  Outcome is good, it make my skin turn white. (It's work on my skin, but I'm not sure whether it will work on yours or not, so if not, don't try to blame on me, I'm just sharing  =D )

4.  It can be use 2-3 times per pack.

5. Remember, when you apply on the face, don't apply with thick layer, just a thin layer is enough.  =)

Well well, that's all for today. See you soon guyz❤  ^^

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