15 June 2011


*KNOCK KNOCK*  hey guyz, how you doing? well well, i'm doing GREAT here cause MUET's result have been released & i passed it  HOORAY!  ^^  feel free to blogging now cause my programming class have been canceled & i got class on 3pm, so decided to blog now~ =]

so this post is the continue part of previous post~ *hope you guyz won't feel bored*  but the different is these photos are those NG parts~ so, the beautiful got it's limit~  >.<

recently always take my BABY-S along with me~ take it with me at university, outing & else where~

as you guyz can see how OBVIOUS my dark circles ><

so here are those remaining NG photos :  

For more photo, CLICK here ~

okie dokie~ that's all for today~ gonna grab lunch with my hubby boyfie now❤  HASTA LA VISTA

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