21 June 2011

❤ 21.06.11

HOLA GUYZ❤  heaps of sorry cause it's been about 4 days i din update my blog~ recently kinda busy with photo-shooting~ >.<  *just came back from photo-shooting*  hope my lovely visitors won't leave me~ sobz sobz~  T________T

this post is just a random post~ gonna recommend some thingy for you guyz~  =]
at first is the mask

[fyi, you can get this at WATSON]
got tons of flavour, but i chosen LEMON
[it consists of THREE parts]
from left to right : eyes, face, neck

i had been try all of them~ overall the outcome is NICEthat's why i recommending this for you guyz~ ^^  especially the neck part, once you used it, all your neck suddenly turn white & smooth~ strong recommended! ^^

[bought some daily stuff on sat]

another recommendation!  LISTERINE(total care)it's with violet colour~ the lastest version~  =] i think it's better compare to previous other versions~ 

oh ya! i have 1 batch of photo-shooting pics on my hands & the other batch of pics are on friends a.k.a photographer's hands~ but i will try my best to upload first batch pics on here~  ^^  so STAY TUNED ya guyz❤  ^^

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