25 June 2011


*KNOCK KNOCK*  hey babes & dudes❤  how you guyz doing? SUPER DUPER SORRY that it's been about 4 days din update my dusty blog~  >.<  recently keep busying with my photo-shooting session~ and yeah! this post is about the latest photo-shooting that i done~  =]

tuesday, i purposely skip my critical thinking class to attend my friends's photo-shooting session~ they pick me up and fetch me to their university - LIM KOK WING UNIVERSITY❤ 

well well, i never been to LKW University before, so they took my 1st time❤  XD  took some pic of LKW:

[LKW's symbol]
[LKW's car]

i din went anywhere cause we don't have sufficient time~ so i just took the pic of photo-lab which is our photo-shooting's studio is located at there~ =] so imma share some pic of our studio:

[light box]
[make-up thingy]

and of course
my photographers ->

after we set everything, we can't stay at the studio~ cause the studio needs to be closed until  2 o'clock only can reopen~ so we decided to take our brunch at nearby, which is PADI HOUSE~  luckily QI WEN told me to bring my jacket, cause I already changed my clothes, so all I need is a jacket to cover it~  XD

after that, we back to LKW again to wait for the studio reopen~ camwhore awhile while waiting:  =]

[photographer aka my sweetie: QI WEN]
[photographer aka QI WEN's friends: SYLVIA]

oh ya! totally forgot to tell you guyz what theme that i shoot, it's BURLESQUE❤  in case you guyz din know what it is or din watch the movie, so i just upload the movie poster here:

it's starring by sexy queen CHRISTINA AGUILERA & CHER~ if you guyz haven't watch this movie, you guyz should try it now! cause this movie is AWESOME❤  photo-shooting is going to start, so i start to doll up myself~  =]  here are some pic imma share:

[my photo-shooting outfits for that day]
[make-up for that day]
[1st time tried red lipstick]
[stick up fake nail]
[LOVE the cutie small hat]
[pretending XD]

we end our photo-shooting at 5 o'clock something~ TIRED but SATISFIED!!  appreciate what the photographer did to me~ ^^  oh ya! gonna help my friend to promote! here are my friend QI WEN aka one of the photographer's blog http://yuwernvia.blogspot.com/ so if you guyz free please visit her blog ya~  =]

oops! promise to update another batch of photo-shooting here but i didn't~ SORRY!  ^_^''' cause i'm still waiting for the photographer to finish edit my photo~ so i will try to upload here asap ya~  ^^ and of course this theme of photo-shooting too~ *if my friends finish edited*  XD  LOVE YA

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