12 March 2011


if you guyz are my close friends or net friends....

you guyz should already notice that i have a FAKER on fb !

after the faker in friendster ->

it's been long time din have faker copy my pic ~

but few days ago....

when i searched my name on fb....

i found out a faker is using my name !

and she's impersonating me !

let me explain here how RIDICULOUS of she is ~

totally forget to mentioned ~

she's a HUGE fan of justin bieber ~

i guess she love him until wanna married him !

and because of that....

she COMBINE justin bieber pic with mine ~  =.=

can you see how CRAZY is she !?

she copy almost all of my pic !

the total album she copied are 7 (excluded profile pic) ~

which included me & my hubby pic ~

and my family pic as well ~  >.<

how DARE you faker !

you even copied my family pic !

it's FUNNY! cause peeps that don't know her at all ~

still like or comment on her photo ~  >.<

like my pic above....

those peeps said 'i like your shoes' ~

the faker reply 'thanks..me too' ?

you too?

my shoes are not yours BITCH !

she even combine my pic with a gal that i don't know at all ->

and that gal comment....


'i love you SHINI' !?

hey gal, i don't know you okay ?

not just about that ~

the FUNNIEST things are here  ->

'verified shini lola' ?

'the official account of shini lola' ??

i'm not a superstar or something ~

why you put that on your info ?

it's too OBVIOUSLY that you're a FAKER bitch !

'out with my hubby' ?

since when my hubby hang out with the bitch that he don't know !

she's really INSANE !!

and guess what ?

she even copy my birthday !


so guyz, if she add you....

please don't accept her !

cause maybe the next is YOU ~

here is her page  ->

and here is her link  ->

so please help me REPORT her !

cause i'm afraid she will use my pic to do BAD things ~


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