19 March 2011

❤18.03.11 - FACIAL TOUCH

ok guyz, this post is actually a DELAY post ~
which happened before i came back to KL ~
hmm....how long is that ~
2 week ago *if i'm not mistaken* ^_^'''

oh ya !
in case you guyz haven't notice....
i had changed my header  ->

i'm not just changed my blog header ~
i also changed my TWITTER's backgroud  ->

back to the topic ~
today post is about the shop that i usually go ~
it consists of facial, eye, nails polish....
anything that related to skin care ~
actually before i always went to my auntie's shop ~
cause my aunt is a beautician ~
but since last year....
my mummy introduced us the 'NEW' shop ~
we feel the services & products are really good ~
so we just continually go there ~
here are some pic imma share  ->

[i purposely make it blur, cause i looks UGLY here]

[ROMANTIC light]

[the living room]

their services are very NICE !
everytime before & after finished my facial treatment ~
they also will served with cake & tea  ->

they always served with different flavour ~
such as choc,peach,coffee,mango & etc ~
but what i love the most is PEACH ~
NOM NOM ~~~~

before i end my sem break & back to kl ~
wen to STARBUCKS high tea with family ~

never try the brambleberry before [pic above] ~
but daddy said it taste quite nice ~
gonna try it next time ~  =]

okie dokie ~
imma upload some pic to fb ~
see ya guyz VERY SOON !

next post : shopping outing❤  ^^

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