28 January 2016


Hello  If you're a blogger who using Google Friend Connect(GFC) widget in your blog, then you might experience MAJOR DROP in your GFC followers in this month. I was shock when I saw 45 followers gone in my blog. I just came back from business trip before I noticed that so I thought do I do something annoying that caused some readers unfollow my blog? I was so frustrated about this and I decided to google and now I found out WHY.

Google has made some changes to their GFC service. Previously, emails other than Gmail were able to follow via GFC. But now, if you don't have a Google account and previously followed via GFC you'll need to sign up for one and re-follow my blog. I'm worry that some readers might not aware about they are not following my blog anymore because of this issue.

Not cool Google. It's not cool at all! Some of my readers might can't receive the latest updates of my blog post anymore because of this. Now they need to create a Gmail account in order to follow my blog. Some readers might found it troublesome to create another email account just to follow the blog to get updates.

In conclusion, if you want to follow via Google and don't have an account there, you'll need to sign up for one and re-follow. Alternatively, in my sidebar I have a 'follow by email' button that might suit you better. You still able to receive my blog updates by using that widget.  =)

  Please Re-follow My Blog :  

  1) Sign Up a Gmail account at www.gmail.com  
2) Follow my blog via CLICK HERE

Done and Much Appreciate!

If you're still following my blog which means you're using gmail account when you click to follow. Thanks for your kind action readers. Loves

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