7 August 2013

Outings x Movie x IHF ❤

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Bello❤  How you guys doing? Yay, I'm currently at my hometown - @Ipoh now. Feel so relieve here because everyday can meet with my friends and family. I means they are always important for me.  =)  Well well, today gonna blog about the outings on last 2 weeks. (Hope you guys won't mind about the delay post ^^)


#1  Lace Dyed Romper in Pink Blue from @IHF //  Blue Label Burberry Bag from Japan

#2  Mad love this colour combination, purposely chosen this outfits because I'm a fans of lace and pink colour. Friends also keep saying this outfits is NICE

#3  Thanks for sponsored me this beautiful outfits❤  If you guys are interested as well, grab it at www.facebook.com/IHFMalaysia


#4  While waiting for @Ethan to fetch me.

#5  Make-up of that day - An eyeliner and some mascara.

#6  Otw to @Midvalley for movies.

#7  Random smile  =)

#8  Mad love my gold chain necklace

#9  Wearing a pinky rose ring to match with my outfits. ^^

#10  Once we reach Midvalley, straightly went to @Carl's Jr to take our brunch because we were so hungry. ^_^''' 

#11  Watched movie - Apartment 1303 after finished our brunch.

Seriously, quite disappointed with the movie because it's not scary at all. Storyline is boring, feel like keep on dragging the stories. And the worst is no ending, eventually the ghost keep on murdering people with non-stop. By the way, the ghost is not ugly and scary at all. Her hair is straighten until like doing hair advertisement. =.='''  

#12  Bought something at @Forever 21. They having free gift - lip gloss for every customers. =)

#Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf

#13  Having our early dinner at @Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf




#17  I love the menu board

#18  Love this part


#20  My favourite #Peppermint Tea.

#21  Finally!! My meal is here~

#22  My meal - The famous #The Wolf's Favourite (Creamy spaghetti with smoked pork bacon, topped with a poached egg and crispy bacon bits.)

#23  Spot my happy face❤  XD

#24  This is Ethan's meal. Sorry about I forgot the name of it, it's like 'Pork something'...  ^_^'''

If you wish to pay a visit for three little pigs & the big bad wolf, here are some DETAILS :

❤  Address : Ground Floor, Bangsar Village 1, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
❤  Tel : 03-2283 2270
❤  Opening Hours : Mon - Sun9:00 am - 11:00 pm
❤  Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/PigsAndWolf
❤  Email : PigsandWolf@gmail.com


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    1. Yup, need to enjoy my life and release the pressure. ^^

  2. I always like my spaghetti have poached egg added, love the runny eggyolk :p

    1. Same here, I'm a huge fans of egg. ^^


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