10 August 2013

[ADV] Shopcade - Your Personal Shopping App ❤

Bonjour lovely readers❤  Is there anyone is a SHOPAHOLIC like me here??  If you are then you must read this post until the end, because you might fall in love with this app❤  First of all, most of my friends knew I'm a shopaholic. I can even shop whole day long, and every single day. Maybe this is the reason why my wardrobe are getting bigger every year.  ^_^'''  So when I was younger, I always hang out with my sisters to go shopping, it's a very nice moment actually. But after we getting older, we living at different places. So sometime it's not easy to find a friend who almost same taste like you and accompany you shopping. So I guess shopping online is the BEST choice for me❤  It's save time, save cost, more variety and can skip the traffic jam in KL.  =D

And figure out why today I'm blog about #Shopcade?  Because it's once of my favourite personal shopping app❤  Speak about shopcade, do you guys ever heard about it? Shopcade is a place that can discover new products, create lists of things you want, and last but not least - get exclusive deals (my favourite part). Still can't get the clue? Let me explain further as follows.

#Collect and share all the things you want
Sometime a shopper like me always forgot what should I buy. Everytime before I reach the shopping complex, I was think about need to buy this and that, but after I arrived the destination, I forgot to buy it.  T.T  Situation like this, this feature would be great for shopper like me! You can save all that you find to  your most wanted lists. You can even create lists for your birthday items, Christmas, lover's birthday and so on. You can add products you love to your lists from anywhere online - whether you found it on Shopcade or other sites. And, you can share to your friends or followers too.  =)  (Maybe your friends are finding those products that you wanted too.)

#Get alerts when things you want go on deal
Like I said, this would be my favourite part❤  Because you can received EXCLUSIVE DEAL everyday!!  How cool is that right? You can get the products that you want with cheaper price. You can't found any cheaper price for the same product at other sites. ^^V 

#Discover new products picked just for you
Never miss out those fabulous and trendy things to wear, sit on, watch or enjoy!  Everyday, Shopcade picks out new and snazzy products just for you. Who's know? Maybe those products they pick for you is the one you want?  =D

#On all your favourite devices
You can use Shopcade anytime on Shopcade.com or on your iPhone too. (iPad and Android apps are coming soon)

Take it as example, here is my list :

To know more about #Shopcade, please visit their site here - www.shopcade.com 

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