TCFS x TWT Giveaway Lucky Winner ❤

3 August 2013

Hello lovely readers❤  I guess most of you guys read the previous post about the #giveaway from @The.Wild.Things and @Too Cool For School right? If you haven't read it, please refer to here - [ADV] The.Wild.Things x Raya Jewelry Buffet + Giveaway ❤

I'm so sorry that I need to announced the winner earlier, because I still having a few sponsored post need to be blog and some assignments, midterm need to be study. =)  First of all, I would like thanks for all the contestant that join the giveaway❤  Thanks for all the emails that I received and the compliments. You guys just simply AWESOME❤  So, are you guys ready ??  *Drums Roll.....*  The lucky winner is....❤ Laura Lee ❤  Congratulations my dear!!  You have win the both vouchers from TWT and TCFS as well.  For those other contestants, don't get disappointed cause I will host another giveaway real soon. (Please keep track with my blog)  In case you guys might miss the giveaway in future, just follow my blog or follow me on Imotiv to get the latest updates!!

And don't forget to quote my name "SHINIBLOG" (during check out) to get extra 10% discount on The.Wild.Things too

That's all for today~  Love ya guys