13 October 2012

13.10.12 | 1 week Holiday♡

~ ♡ ~

Hola peepo♥  Seen the picture above?  YES!  That's my NEWIE blog header  Hope you guyz will love it.  O(∩__∩♥)O  So, today is just a shorty post cause later on imma choose some dress for doll up, tonight go dating with my sisters again.  MISS THEM MUCHIE♥  Find them everytime I back Ipoh.  ^-^

Time pass so fast!  Now I just left 1 week holiday !!  I don't want back to MMU life~ Aghhhh~  So today's post is about the lil outing with my friend @Burnette on the day that I finished my exam.  (which is about 2 weeks ago ^_^''')  First time meet him and he said 'why you such tall one? =.=''' '  Having our yum cha sessions at @Chatime.

Me & Burnett's Moment :

#1.  Style of that day.

#2.  Sorry for the quality matter. I'm using my Baby S2 to capture this. 

#3.  That day try to apply full eyeliner. Okay. I guess it's not suitable for having round eyes like me. >,<

#4.  Ta-da!  @Burnette & me

#5.  Take 2

#6.  Mr.Burnette knew I hungry like hell, so order some snacks for me.  ^.^


#8.  My favourite Red Bean Pearl Milk Tea

That day we keep on non-stop chating.  Or should I say I never stop my mouth when meeting my friends?  LOL~  Some of you guyz knew I just came back from Japan on last year and he is the same as me. So we keep on chating how AWESOME Japan's trip was and can't wait to visit there again !!  

We chat until 3am++ only back home to sleep.  That night quite EXHAUSTED  cause I guess you guyz knew I didn't sleep much during the 2 exam weeks. The maximum sleeping time for me is 5 hours for each day.  sobz sobz~  T_____T  And the next day I'm having photoshoot again.  


YES!!  This time photoshoot 2 themes again.  Cause the photographer knew I will back to Ipoh and only come back to KL after 3 weeks.  So which theme you prefer?  =)  I already upload some photos at my page's album :

SHINI in the House♡

You guyz can check it out now. The maid shini will be upload later on.  =) 
That's all for today.  CIAO

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