10 October 2012

Photoshoot | Lola the Tourist Girl ♡

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Bonjour everyone♥  I suppose to blog this photoshoot long time ago but because waiting for the photographers and academic issues, so delay until now.  ^_^'''  Feel quite guilty now cause after this photoshoot, I had 5-6 photoshoot, but blame myself why until now only blog about this theme. 

Okie dokie, cut the crap.  Actually we suppose to do our photoshoot at @Sekinchan. But one of my photographer inform me to change the location suddenly. So at the end we done our photoshoot at @Pulau Ketam♥  

Early in the morning, two photographer come my place to pick me up and we headed to @Port Klang.  This is my very first time went to @Port Klang as well as @Pulau Ketam, feel quite excited cause curious how it is look like.  So this time is not just a photoshoot, it's a journey for me to experience. After reach the destination, I only knew we need to take the boat to @Pulau Ketam.  That moment quite nervous cause I'm afraid I will puke due to the level of the shakiness of the boat.  But the photographer told me don't worry because the boat that we taken won't too shaky, so we just take it.  This time photoshoot half relax and half scary for me, cause at @Pulau Ketam's road most of them are make by broken wood and I'm still wearing heels for the shooting.  =.='''  So every inches that I walk need to be very careful because there are some distances between the bridge and the ground.  

Pulau Ketam's Moment :

#1.  Style of that day - #Mature look

#2.  Omg, we are already seated in the Ferry.

#3.  Inside the ferry.

#4.  Ta-da!  @Pulau Ketam here we come!

#5.  Guess what is the cute thingy?  ^-^

#6.  Zoom in.  YES!  That's me (Cancer girl)  XD

#7.  LOL. When we all looking at this, we thought it's the fake bank. 
(This is the most vintage version of Maybank that we ever seen) 

#8.  And then we saw this. Fish with a pair of legs.  =)


#10.  Most of their road is like that.  Some of the wood even so shaky.  >,<

#11.  Spot this!  My beloved Fried Ice-cream.  ^-^

#12.  Like to eat this since I was a kid, but there are some period I didn't taste it. MISS IT

#13.  Yummy yummy.  Spot my photographer also bought one for himself.  XD

#14.  I chosen Choc flavour.

#15.  Shooting~

#16.  Shoot and shoot.

#17.  Shoot until hungry like hell.  LUNCH TIME~  ^.^V

#18.  It's a MUST for us to order crab in the crab island.  =)




#22.  Our dessert after lunch.  ^^

#23.  Can mix flavour.  ^^


#25.  Bubye @Pulau Ketam. Thanks for giving me a nice experience.  =)

#26. Group photo. @Bryan, me and @Hew

Overall it's a nice experience for me.  Cause people at there speak mandarin and 3 of us's mandarin is not that well so when ordering foods we just can speak out some easy sentences.  XD  And the only transport at there is bicycle since most of the road is made by woods and so on.  After the process of the photoshoot, now is the time to show you guyz the photos.  =)

Lola The Tourist Girl♡ :












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Credit to the both photographers for giving me the wonderful experience♥  Tata

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