6 October 2012


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Hola peeps  Yippee~♥  Finally I have my own brand.  Actually it's not a brand of mine. It's just a symbol should I say.  O(∩__∩♥)O  

YES !!  I have my own T-shirt, which the Tee attached with my own photo. Few weeks ago, a company email me about this 'branding' plan.  So I just go for it.  =)   Here are some example of it.

SHINI's Brand Moment :




#4.  Ta-da!  Just an example of the matching. =)

#5.  You can just match it with a simple shorts if you want.  ^ 3 ^

#6.  Fyi,  the Mint Green shorts in the photo is from Vintage de Beauty 

#7.  Or you can just simply match with a denim.  ^-^

#8.  Fyi,  the Bow Denim in the photo is from Vintage de Beauty too ♥ 

Beside for this photo, you can just simply choose which photo you want in my photo album (https://www.facebook.com/ShiNiLoLaPage/photos_albums) I'm currently selling it.  If you're interested, please PM me @ShiNi LoLa II on facebook.  I just selling my own branding, please don't ask me where and how to print your photo on the Tee. Thanks & Appreciate O(≧▽≦♥)O

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