6 March 2012

❤ YUMMY Yogurt Mask (Beauty Care Tutorial)


Harlo Peepo❤  It's been long time that I didn't blog about beauty care tutorials~  Sorry about that~ Cause recently I bought a lotsa different categories of masks, until I don't have enough time to test each of them~  >,<

So, when talking about 'yogurt', what's the frist come out your mind?  Yummy and healthy yougurt?  =]

#Like this?
#Or this?

Nope nope~  Actually what I means is this  ->


So, today imma introduce a type of yogurt mask from Etude House❤  This is also the first time that i ttry for the yogurt mask~  *Please dun eat or drink the yogurt, it's just for apply on the skin*  [Click on the image to enlarge]  =)

#There are 4 different type of flavour :
Raspberry, Kiwi, Apple, Apricot 
#I take Raspberry flavour as an example 
#When you opened it, the yogurt really smell so good~ 
(That's why mua post's title said 'YUMMY')  ^.^
P/S  :  The yogurt is not that little volumn, please dun misunderstand.
the picha i had capture above is the 3rd time I used that mask.
#Apply it all over your lovely face  =D
And wait for 15 minutes and use warm water to clean your face.

The outcome :
Your face will turn become like baby's skin,
so smooth, and moisture ~   =]

Now, let me list out all of the advantages of this mask :

1.  This mask can make your skin turns smooth and moisture.

2.  The masks is not expensive and affordable.  (About RM12++  if I'm not mistaken)   

3.  Each box of the mask can uses about  3 - 4 times.

4.  Because of the advantages of 2 and 3, it help you save more money.

5.  It consists of 4 types of flavour, you can type each of them.

6.  It smell so good.  (If it's consider advantages)  ^_^'''

Okay, that's all for this post. Hope you guyz enjoy reading mua bloggie❤   ^.^


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    1. You're welcome. I will blog about more beauty care tutorial. Thanks for your comment. =)

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  3. Thanks for your compliment. You're welcome, I will check for allens pharmacy definitely. =)


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