4 March 2012

❤ GenTeal Gel (Say BuBye to Red Eye Ball)


Hola peeps❤  This is just a SHORTY post about the eye's stuff. Because of one of my friend, Chanwon wanna know about some details of it, so I decided to blog about it.  Since nowadays many girls & guyz like to wear contact lens, have you experience red eye ball when you wearing lens in a long period of time or because of the sensitivity?  

#Like this ?

Well well, I had this experience before. My case is I was wearing the contact lens like approximately over 16 hours, and after that my both eyes ball turns red.  That was the first time in this kind of situation and I thought that would be okay on the next day, so ignored it.  But then, my whole eye ball is become more and more red in few days time. Therefore, my friend fetch me to visited the eyes specialist in Sunway, which costed me RM183 for the total consultation as well as the medication fees.  So, cut off all the storyline, the main thing imma introduce is this eye gel - GenTeal Gel  :

#You may try other products with this brand

So here are some DETAILS about this eye gel  :

1.  This eye gel's effect is not strong enough, won't make you eyes feel hurt.

2.  Apply this eye gel and close your eyes for 5 seconds.  You'll feel very comfort.

3.  When your eye ball turn red, apply it quickly and your red eye ball will immediately turn    normal.

4.  This eye gel is not available at Watson, so you should find it at Guardian.

5.  The price of the eye gel is only RM22.90.

But as an advise, try not to wear contact lens over 8 hours. Or else your eyes will be so dry.  So, here is it~  With this product, you can say BuBye to your red eye ball.  Hope you guyz enjoy the post~  =]


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