July is always my busiest month of the year because it is my birthday month. There are so many restaurants and cafes where I celebrated my birthday and would love to share with you all. At the same time, the other readers are rushing me to blog about my Turkey trip. Thus, I will just share one of my birthday celebrations with my husband at Sabayon, EQ Kuala Lumpur.

About Sabayon

An award-winning rooftop restaurant with the best view of Kuala Lumpur.

Contemporary European dining is prepared with premium imported ingredients and local Malaysian products. Sabayon is on the highest floor with stunning views of the Petronas Twin Towers. Elegant and dreamy high ceilings accented by copper and bronze tones are embodied by a backdrop of the ever-changing hues of the KL cityscape. Three, four and five-course options are available in the indoor dining area with a separate and al fresco menu available outdoors.

They also have several awards, one of them was the Tripadvisor Traveller's Choice Award. They won the Best of the Best Top Picture-Perfect Restaurant for World 2021.

Notes :
  • Dress code applies
  • Ages 12 and above only
  • A deposit is required to secure a booking

Sabayon 5-Course Menu

Classic Revisit Menu Our classic menu is a revival of the timeless dishes that Sabayon is known for and pays reverent yet inventive homage to the rich classic haute cuisine.

We ordered some wine while waiting for the food to be served.

Complimentary bread
Firstly, they serve us a piece of bread with olive oil and vinegar. It's a classic dish to start our course.

Amuse Bouche
For the amuse bouche, they serve steamed eggs with crab meat.

The steamed egg tastes a bit bland but the crab meat is flavourful. I guess they compliment each other.

Hokkaido Scallop
And here comes my favourite kind of seafood - scallop and it is from Hokkaido.

Love how they paired it with my other favourite caviar and salmon roe. This dish is actually my favourite dish of the night.

Fun fact : The chef uses squid ink to draw the fish. When it was served, the waiter told us we can eat the fish (the sauce) too. 

Foie Gras
The second appetizer was Foie Gras (duck liver) served with le puy lentil and granny smith apple.

Love how tender the foie gras is. The sourness and sweetness of the granny smith apple bring the taste to another level. Since the foie gras is so tender and soft, so the texture of the lentil balance it as well.

La Viande et le Poisson Norwegian Salmon
Our main course is Norwegian salmon. Served with tropical amur caviar, organic eggs mimosa asparagus, edamame and chive beurre blanc.

This is my first time trying eggs on salmon and surprisingly it tastes good! Love all the flavours in this dish. I always prefer my salmon medium instead of well done because I don't like the dry texture. This temperature is just right for me. The highlight of the dish would be the beurre blanc, paired well with the protein.

Baba Cake
The first dessert would be the baba cake Sicilian pistachio, Catalan orange Cameron Highlands, Japanese Chitose strawberry yoghurt and marsala sabayon.

To be honest, it is not my type of tea. I personally think the cakes are too sweet for me. 

This is more like it. It consists of canelé, chocolate truffle and sugar-coated candy.

I like the canelé and the chocolate truffle. The sugar-coated candy is my least favourite as I really dislike soft candy like this (even after I took off my braces).

Special thanks to my husband for the lovely birthday dinner and the beautiful cake. Frankly, my husband is not a romantic kind of person. But I appreciate it when he put effort into me just to make me happy. He knows I like Chanel so much so he bought a Chanel customised cake for me.

Cost : RM538 per pax (not including tax and wine)

Staycation at EQ Hotel

Besides having dinner at Sabayon, my husband actually booked a room at EQ Hotel as well. It actually comes as a package. My husband thought it was nice to stay at the hotel as the dining place is located in the same building. We can chill and relax in the hotel room and when dinner time has come, we can just slowly walk to the restaurant.

And yes, I have no idea he bought the black Chanel cake (it was a surprise). Coincidentally, I had ordered a white Chanel cake for myself. He keeps on debate his black version is nicer while I personally think my white version is prettier. Thus, tell us how you think by leaving a comment. We shall see which one looks better.

The popular statue in EQ hotel. Challenging the power of gravity.

Love their breakfast because there are so many varieties. Local, oriental, western, pastries, yoghurt you name it.

We had a pleasant meal before we check-out.

EQ sent us a complimentary birthday cake. It was super small.

We also order room service for lunch. We ordered a club sandwich served with potato wedges. Since everything at the mini bar is included, we paired it with the orange juice.

Package cost (room + dinner in Sabayon) : RM1,600+

Location : Level 51, EQ, Equatorial Plaza, Jln Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Business hours : Daily (6.00pm - 11.00pm) ; Sunday brunch (12.00pm - 3.00pm)

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