Finally, I got the time to blog about our relaxing trip to Anantara Desaru Coast Resort & Villas. July is my birthday month so I'm busy hanging out with friends and family, therefore, that caused the delay lol. It's been a while since I have a beach vacation with my husband. We were supposedly coming here last year but due to the pandemic, we had postponed the trip to this July, just in time for our 7th-anniversary celebration. Special thanks to the Anantara group for the fun and wonderful experience. Continue reading to find out more about our journey here.

About Anantara

A luxury seaside resort on Malaysia's dazzling desaru coast.

Offering a range of luxury accommodation nestled in lush tropical gardens, Anantara Desaru Coast Resort & Villas offers a serene escape on golden Malaysian shores. Low-rise buildings and stand-alone villas overlook the gardens, lagoon and ocean, while expansive residences offer families and groups utmost privacy with an infinity pool, full kitchen and chef and butler service.

The photo shown above was the place for check-in. While you're relaxing at the lounge, the staff will serve your welcome drinks and warm towel. Instead of completing our check-in process at the normal desk and chair, we did it here. The lounge is facing the infinity pool and sea view as well. What a great first impression once you step into the resort.

Since there's a slight delay on the room as the room is not ready yet, the general manager brings us to the bar to chill. They serves us other drinks again (we had chosen champagne and beer) and they serve us some snacks too. We just chill here for about 15 minutes and the room is finally ready for us!

We can't wait to enjoy the diversions of Desaru Coast, Malaysia's rising-star resort destination, or relax in coastal tranquillity, immersed in authentic Anantara luxury.

By the way, the photo shown here is their signature infinity pool.

Deluxe Sea View Room
Take your pick of stylish, airy rooms from the best beach resorts in Malaysia. Admire the view from your wraparound balcony, retreat to a Malaysian-style villa or enjoy the ultimate coastal getaway in a beachfront residence with a private pool.

Enjoy spectacular vistas morning, noon and night. These spacious rooms offer views over lush resort greenery to the ocean beyond. Enjoy fresh espresso in the mornings before heading out to explore the Desaru coastline. End the day with a hot soak in the tub before a night of deep slumber in your plush bed. Wind down with movies or your favourite TV show on the LCD.

Hideaways by the beach at Malaysia's finest resort. The room that we had chosen was Deluxe Sea View Room. It was a spacious corner room. Love the view from the balcony as you can see the villas and the sea. This is also the place where I took our reel. You may check out the video below.

This is a perfect spot for a chit-chat session. My hubby brought his laptop for work and he said he enjoyed working in this spot too.

I love the bathroom interior, especially the big mirror beside the bathtub. They have toiletries ready and they even provide the sanitiser and mask as well. They also provide bath salt for you also you can enjoy you're soaking in the bathtub.

Overall, I think this room is great for couples or small families. One thing that we both love is the bed is so comfy! My husband keeps saying he wants to stay in the bed all day long hahaha. We were thinking if our bed is like this then we will keep working from home (on the bed).

Rate : From RM1,179 per night

Turmeric Restaurant

Start the day off with a hearty breakfast, indulging in fresh fare from around the globe alongside authentic Malaysian selections and delicious Thai. Enjoy cooked-to-order dishes from live cooking stations as you dine on a terrace overlooking the lagoon pool. Order a la carte for lunch or dinner.

Since we were invited for the review, so the staff in the resort knows my name. Once we had been seated they already served us some coconut. Keep asking us what we need, both of us are so shy lol.

We love their breakfast because they have so much variety. From western, oriental to local. You name it. I like their kuey teow clear soup noodles and smoked cheese. 

What really impressed me was the dessert and beverages section. Instead of serving the normal cake and pastries, they also serve pancakes, waffles and local kuih. They have different kinds of milk and Vitagen in their beverages section! (Vitagen fan here is happy)

They even have a gluten-free bread section as well. It is great for those people who are allergic to gluten.

You can savour gourmet international and Asian flavours any time of day. For the dinner, we tried some local and Thai dishes.

What we had ordered :
- Charcoaled Satay (RM45)
Choice of chicken or beef, rice cakes, red onion, cucumber & peanut sauce
- Sup Ekor (RM38)
Spiced ox-tail broth carrot & celery
Pla Kua Prik Smunprai (RM65)
Deep-fried sea bass, bird eys chilli & garlic dip
Phad Thai Goong (RM45)
Wok-fried Chantaburi rice noodles, prawns, green chives, beansprouts, peanuts & tamarind sauce
Kao Niew Mamuang (RM35)
Mango sticky rice & coconut ice cream
Onde-Onde (RM20)
Flavour glutinous rice ball with pumpkin, pandan, rose, grated coconut & palm sugar

Opening hours
Breakfast : 6.30am - 11.00am
Lunch : 11.00am - 5.00pm
Dinner : 5.00pm - 10.30pm

Sea . Fire . Salt

On the second night, we had our dinner at Sea.Fire.Salt. Discover inspired culinary indulgences with freshly caught seafood, flavours from across Asia and gourmet international dining. Indulge in local and regional specialities, refresh with sundowners and Champagne served up with stunning ocean views.

Dine on local and imported seafood and prime cuts of meat, grilled to perfection.

The first dish was the complimentary bread. It has different kinds of bread served with hummus and butter.

Not bad. It was a good start.

Chef's Special
The next dish is a chef's special dish. It is a tomato served with ricotta cheese.

Scallop Carpaccio (RM55)
Served with mango salsa , caviar, radish and cremolata. 

Love the freshness of the scallop. The mango salsa and caviar definitely level up the taste.

Rock Oysters (RM150)
Served with homemade ponzu, salmon roe and pickled ginger.

If you are a close friend of mine, you should know I don't really eat an oyster unless it was cooked. But when I was this served on our table, I don't know why I would love to give it a try. Surprisingly, it was delicious! I had a very unpleasant experience last time I took a bite on the oyster but this is worth trying. 

I guess maybe the ponzu and salmon roe changes the taste. There are total of 6 pieces and I ate half of them!

Sea.Fire.Salt Platter Himalayan Salt Brick (RM480)
Served with rock lobster, prawns, scallops, seabass, calamari and soft shell crab.

Okay, this dish is totally cholesterol overload. The lobster and scallops are yummy! The portion is huge so I and my hubby couldn't finish it. Instead of putting it on a normal plate, they served the seafood with Himalayan salt brick which is interesting. To preserve the flavour I guess.

Beside of the seafood, the dish also include truffle Fries, mesclun salad house wagamama dressing and lemon butter sauce.

Since they are so much food on the table, we take away these truffles fries and enjoy them in our room. Perfect for supper hahaha.

Angus Rib Eye 320 gm (RM210)
Served with Angus steak, mashed potato, rolled asparagus, grilled garlic and tomato.

This is purely for my husband as I don't eat beef. He ordered the temperature medium rare and he love it.

Mont Blanc (RM55)
Served with Manjari log, mango brulee and cinnamon gelato.

I'm glad that we end the meals with a good dessert. Love the chocolate ganache, so silky smooth. The cinnamon gelato is not that sweet which is great. The mango brulee balance the sweetness.

Experience signature Anantara dining with succulent grilled seafood and steaks on the beachfront. Dine al fresco by the pool or take a table near the show kitchen and enjoy the action as their chefs demonstrate their culinary flair. You may pair your selection with wine from their international cellar.

Opening hours
Lunch : 12.00pm - 6.00pm
Dinner : 6.00pm - 10.30pm


The popular swing in Anantara Desaru Coast Resort & Villas. Saw this on Instagram before I pay a visit. The first day I came here there are so many kids surrounding this swing so I thought I might miss the chance for this photo spot. Fortunately, the next day I came again, no one was nearby the swing so I faster took some photos and ciao. 

Since this is a private beach, the beach is clean. One thing I don't like about public beaches is their beach is always full of rubbish and it's dirty.

You no need to worry about when you're here. Feel free to bring your kids and enjoy building sand castles here.

I and hubby also had a blast here since it's been a while since he step on a beach. I got the chance when I was in Dubai already haha. 

Anantara Spa

Immerse yourself in a serene spa experience, whether you're seeking mind-body balance or reviving after a day in the water or on the greens. Combat jet lag, treat skin with a 24-carat gold facial or opt for a nourishing organic treatment. Refresh with state-of-the-art beauty or tap into Thai and Malay wellness wisdom, combined with indigenous healing ingredients and rituals for a rejuvenating escape.

I had chosen the Anantara Signature Massage (60/90 minutes) package. Revered Eastern and Western massage techniques, combined with a signature oil blend, stimulate circulation, promote deep relaxation, and restore energy flow for supreme wellbeing.

Upon registering your details, you can choose the spa sound that you like while doing the spa. The staff will show you the playlist and play the sounds for you. On the other hand, they will have different essential oil for you to choose from. Due to the recent trips to Dubai and Turkey, my skin was so dry. Eventually, I had chosen sweet which is good for hydration.

Relax and revitalise at Anantara Spa. The spa is so comfortable. I had fallen asleep once it has started. The staff even said I snore a bit, asking if was I so tired lately. Lol. I was so embarrassed. Well, that means the spa was good, isn't it?

Before and after they will serve you drinks, a warm towel and a snack. The overall experience was great. Due to the limited room they have, so make sure you make an appointment in advance before you pay a visit ya.

Opening hours
Mon - Thu : 10.00am - 8.00pm
Fri - Sun : 10.00am - 10.00pm

Spice Spoons

Master authentic Malay or Thai cooking with his signature Anantara experience.

With a dash of lime and a handful of chilli, create your own delicious local Malaysian or Thai dish under the guidance of a master chef. Learn the importance of each ingredient in creating distinct flavour profiles found in Malay and Thai cuisine. Enjoy the fruits of your labour with a lunch feast by the sea.

Chef Ammara was originally from Bangkok, Thailand. She started her job as a chef in Malaysia a few years ago. She was so friendly and very patient while teaching us how to cook.

She teaches us how to prepare the ingredients such as cutting, frying the sea bass and cooking the prawn etc.

It was a fun and memorable experience for us. Proof that I'm a better cook compared to him haha.

And here goes our lunch :
Chu Chi Goong Mungkron
Rock lobster stewed in Thai red curry, coconut milk, kaffir lime leaf & Thai sweet basil

Deep-Fried Sea Bass with Mango Salad
The sea bass is so tender and juicy even after fried.

Kao Niew Mamuang
which is a mango sticky rice (my favourite).
If you guys are interested in joining the cooking class, you can put on request (24-hour advance reservation required).

Swimming Pools

Cool off in the Lagoon Pool, or take a dip on the beachfront in the Infinity Pool. Relax on a shaded lounger as their Sunshine Butlers do all the work.

The pools are very important when it comes to the resort. It was one of the visitor's favourite activities during their stay.

I personally prefer the Lagoon Pool instead of the Infinity Pool because it is more private and you can see the sea view up close.

Imagine enjoying a cocktail while chilling at the poolside like this. I like it that way.

While my husband are working in the room, I was chilling at the poolside here and going for a swim for 10 laps.

I guess I was guilty for the dinner later so I decided to go for a short swim hahaha. At least to burn some calories before adding some.

Take in the beauty of Desaru Coast, the host of many an international sporting competition. Cycle around the golf course designed by Ernie Els, through lush countryside and along the golden coast, choosing from the 11km or 30km routes. Bicycles are provided with their compliments.

The last time I cycling was like n years ago! A bit of lost balance when I started cycling at that moment but I managed to pick it up quickly. It was all good and just a short duration of cycling, both of us already sweating a lot. It was fun though. They also have the bicycle with a kid seating so you can fetch your kid along as well.

Cinema Under The Stars

Sit back on a comfy lounger and watch blockbuster movies on a big screen under the stars. Enjoy popcorn and other tasty cinema fares.

I tried it on a cruise with my family before. It was a windy night and it was fun. It reminds me of that.

Too bad that time we visited was not a Tuesday as currently, it is only available every Tuesday.

It was a relaxing trip and I can't wait to revisit this place. I'm looking forward to bringing our family here next time. They will love this place. Anyway, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. Don't forget to check out the vlog below.

Location : Persiaran Pantai, Desaru Coast, 81930 Bandar Penawar, Johor.
Tel : 07-828 0888

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