Any BTS A.R.M.Y here? Here is the good news for you all the BTS TinyTAN Message Chocolate Ver.2 is exclusively available at TopzMall! For your info, TinyTAN is a group of lovable characters created by 7 members of BTS. It is designed with distinct personalities that sprang from the persona of the group members, with their own narrative universe that takes the characters across the boundaries of reality and imagination through a "Magic Door".

TinyTAN Message Chocolate Ver.2

TinyTAN Message Chocolate Ver.2 was bring out the sweetest and most encouraging message in the world with its warm and colourful packaging. If you are their died hard fan, I would strongly suggest you purchase this as one of your collections.

TinyTAN Message Chocolate Ver.2 comes with 8 pieces of chocolate per box. There are 7 pieces printed with the cute characters of the group members and their sincere messages (7 random sentences, 49 styles in total), and another 1 piece of chocolate was printed with the TinyTAN logo.

Dynamite (White) - Delivers a message of hope and comfort

Purple Holiday (Purple) - Delivers a message of healing

Wappen (Black) - Delivers a message of empathy

Sweet Time (Red) - Delivers a message of courage

Each contains positive energy messages from the group members which were actively conveyed to the world. Not only that, but each box also comes with 7-characters stickers, which are very collectable and addictive to those group fans.

Watch This Video For More Info

Exclusive Package
Full Set (4 boxes) of TinyTAN Message Chocolate Ver.2
  • Include 4 boxes of message chocolate (Dynamite | Purple Holiday | Wappen | Sweet Time)
  • Each box includes 8 pieces of chocolate
  • 7 pieces of chocolate printed with the cute characters
  • 1 piece of chocolate printed with the TinyTAN logo
  • Include 7 characters stickers for each box
  • Free 1 Limited Edition TinyTAN Cooler Bag *not for sale*
Price : RM520 per set | after discount : RM499 per set

1 Box of TinyTAN Message Chocolate Ver.2
  • Choose either 1 box of message chocolate (Dynamite | Purple Holiday | Wappen | Sweet Time)
  • Include 8 pieces of chocolate
  • 7 pieces of chocolate printed with the cute characters
  • 1 piece of chocolate printed with the TinyTAN logo
  • Include 7 characters stickers
Price : RM130 per box

Discount Code

Here's the good news! If you're interested to grab them, feel free to use my discount code "TP10VKB" during checkout for an RM10 discount!

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