Bonjour~ Christmas and CNY season are always about shopping and indeed, these festive season makes me shop a lot! And when it comes to the unboxing moments, I have no idea which item I should unbox first. I had decided to create a poll on my Instagram and the majority of the followers had chosen to see items from CHANEL. Well, here you go. Today, I'm gonna share about one of my shopping haul which is CHANEL Shiny Calfskin Logo Platform Sandals.

Why Dad Sandals

Dad sandals are chunky sandal that often features velcro straps and have a minimalistic colour palette. They're the kind of shoes that your dad normally wear. Dad sandals were scoffed at when the trend emerged back in 2015, but since then they've gained popularity, no doubt because they're hella comfy and peaked when Chanel launched the cult famous sandals in 2018.

To be honest, at first, I personally thought these chunky sandals are ugly. My foot is not small and these thick sandals even make my foot look even bigger. Until last Christmas, I was shopping with a friend in the CHANEL boutique and I saw these pair of sandals. These sandals look caught my eyes when it was worn by a mannequin. I was just casually asking my sales associate to take my size for testing. And surprisingly, I was in love with these sandals!

Fall-Winter 2021/22 Pre-Collection

These sandals are from the Fall-Winter 2021/22 Pre-Collection. These stylish sandals are crafted of black grained calfskin leather. It features velcro ankle straps and a black Chanel logo on the uppers. Yes, it's not that latest collection. But if you know me, you should know that I don't care about the trend and the latest item. I just bought what I love. Therefore, I've bought these.

Product Specifications

  • Product name : CHANEL Shiny Calfskin Logo Platform Sandals 
  • Product reference : G37456 21b 2021
  • Heel height : Medium 2" - 3"
  • Heel style : Chunky

Worth Buying?

Guess what~ These is the MOST EXPENSIVE shoes that I've ever bought. With that being said, I still think it is worth buying. Why? First of all, it is comfortable to wear. Normally I like to wear those shoes that covered my toes but these sandals make my toes comfy because they can "breath" again. I also love the velvet material as the base of the shoes. I can wear it for long hours. The straps are adjustable. So let's say if I gained weight or my foot is swollen, I can just adjust the strap length and continue to wear it. Not necessary to throw it away. You can wear them barefoot or you can even pair them with a pair of white socks. Sort of like Japanese vibes.

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