CHANEL Coco Handle Bag Review


Anyone up for luxury brands? *Hands up* A few days back, I had decided to create a new hashtag/topic for my YouTube Channel called #ShiniLuxuryReviews. I love shopping a lot but when it comes to luxury brands, I always did lots of research and study before I decide to purchase the bags or other accessories. I felt blessed to watch so many review videos of the shopper to share their shopping haul. Some of them even demonstrate the capacity of the bag and provide their feedback, so I can decide whether it is worth to buy or not. Therefore, I would love to share my opinion (review) of my shopping haul to you all so you guys will have a clearer picture of the item. Of course, today's topic is all about my favourite luxury brand - CHANEL Coco Handle Bag review.

I'm actually looking for this bag quite a while. Tried to search it in our local store but you all know there's only one store in Malaysia which located in Suria KLCC. And, the colour that I want "classic black" was sold out. They only left other colours or other materials. Fortunately, I finally got it from my friend who bought it in France.

Size Guide.
Before I bought the bag, I was confused about the size issue. I'm not sure the size that I'm looking for is a mini or small size. I did a lot of research and found out the mini/small is actually the same size! There are only two sizes available for this bag which are mini(small) and big. If you're taking it as a bag for casual/travel purpose, you may choose the mini size. If you're going to take it to the workplace, I would suggest you purchase the big size.

How To Wear Your Bag in 3 Different Ways.
  • Shoulder
The best way for this bag! Well, at least is my personal favourite way of wearing it. Since the chain is shorter than the usual Chanel bag chain, so using it as a shoulder bag is ideal. Simply wear a white top and jeans with the bag and you're good to go!

  • Crossbody
For travel purpose, crossbody is always a brilliant idea to prevent the snatch thief! When I'm travelling, I always prefer to wear my bag in a crossbody bag because it is harder to steal (but really, if they insist to steal, they can anyway). However, I personally feel safer to wear it that way.

  • Hand-carry
Since it comes with a handle, so of course, we can hand-carry it! I only have a hand-carry Louis Vuitton bag so when I knew this Coco Chanel Handle bag got a handle (well, it called "handle bag" anyway), I'm instantly falling in love with it! A perfect choice as a dinner bag!

Overall, I love this bag a lot. It looks great and functional, although the capacity was not that huge, it's enough for a casual outing. Don't forget to watch the review video below and subscribe to my YouTube Channel. XOXO.

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