Since this pandemic has begun, there are so many online business startups out there. It seems like everyone is an entrepreneur now. When it comes to promoting your business, the packaging is essential. Of course, product quality plays an important role here but so does the packaging. Nowadays, the first impression that caught people's eyes would be the design. Especially for the millennials, everything needs to be instaworthy lol. Therefore, today I'm gonna talk about sticker printing at Hellosticker.


Remember I blogged about Gogoprint before? Well, guess what, Hellosticker is part of the Googprint Group and they are 100% specialized in and dedicated to sticker printing. Name cards, thank you cards or stickers? You name it, Gogoprint got it!

They understand that stickers are one of the most important customer-facing parts of your brand identity. Cool, unique and high-quality stickers on your products and packaging can instantly impress your customers. Therefore, they offer a wide variety of stickers printed in high-quality and at affordable prices thanks to state-of-the-art technology. Whether you want sticker rolls, sticker sheets, or individual stickers, they’ve got you covered. Paper stickers, PVC stickers and special materials, they have it all on their site. If you can’t find what you need, feel free to contact them, their customer service team will serve you shortly.


As an entrepreneur, I had tons of issues need to be thought about by myself. I need to think about production, marketing, labour and so on. When it comes to production, we need to minimise the cost as possible. Thus, sticker printing is definitely on the list.

We all know how important the packaging is. Boxes can be costly especially comes with customised. Meanwhile, customised stickers are more affordable. We can play around with the types of materials, different designs etc. You can stick it basically everywhere, either on your products, the boxes, the paper bag, you named it. 


Printing stickers is one of the best tools that you can use to raise brand awareness, build an identity or just spice up your packaging. Why? Stickers are available in various shapes and sizes and are suitable for so many different uses. What every sticker shows, is how easily they add value to your brand. A cool, well-designed sticker that reinforces your brand's image and identity can create a very strong first impression for your customers.

Get creative with your sticker design by creating a unique message that will stand out. Maybe a strong or memorable slogan will be the best. Another major plus point for sticker printing is its cost. These stickers are relatively cheap and are an affordable way of getting your message across to your customers. A small cost, for a huge impact!


With their sticker rolls, you get affordable stickers in high quantities, which can be smoothly integrated with your production and/or packaging processes. Their rolls conform to industrial standards and high-quality standards. It is suitable for all industries, but I personally experienced that from a bakery and their glitter sticker rolls are so beautiful! Of course, which left me a memorable impression from them.

Hellosticker offers a wide selection of materials to choose from based on your marketing and packaging needs. Materials differ in terms of adherence to materials like plastic, glass, metal, paper, and each has a specific use case. They also offer various choices in terms of colours, all the way from 1 to 5 spot colour or CMYK printing with an additional 1 or 2 spot colours. If you're not sure which to pick, you can consult them as well, I'm pretty sure their customer service team is always there to help. 


Individually cut stickers are one way to make your brand memorable and keep your customers coming back for more. Whether it is a custom window sticker, lettering, or die-cut stickers used as a handout, these stickers will give you a competitive edge amongst other brands. With their vinyl lettering stickers and car window stickers, you'll be able to stick it to any surface such as your windows, glass panels, etc. Unleashing your creativity with these stickers helps to elevate your brand, while always being on the mind of the person seeing it.

If you wish to promote your website, feel free to put your official website link on the sticker. So when people spot your sticker, they know where to find you. Or, if you want to promote your promotion/discount code, you can place it on the sticker too. This way, you can target offline customers which you can't find via your online advertising. 

If you're an entrepreneur or start-up looking for sticker printing, I hope this post helps you to find what you're looking for. Feel free to leave me a comment or contact them if you have any other questions. Till here. 

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