22 June 2017 Zhongshan, Guangdong, China



Readers been requested for my China travelogue since I'm back to Malaysia! I try my best to compile all the to-do list and food list to you guys. While I'm working on it, maybe you can check out my OOTD in China. Yes, #SHINIOOTD is back! This is just a random short post about my outfits. Guess you guys can read it quick while you having a break.

I was travel to Zhongshan, Guangdong @ China with my mom last month. We actually own a house there so my family been there for couple of times. However, this is my first visit as last time my full time job don't have so much leave for me to travel around. Well, I'm excited to revisit China again!

  Airport Look  
How you can missed the airport ootd shot right? For me, airport must be comfy and easy to move around! I don't like to wear shorts or tight outfits because it might make me feel uncomfortable while I'm moving my luggage or in the air plane. Thus, a long sleeve top + basic jeans never go wrong.

  Day 2  
I always like to choose comfy outfits during my trip. Day 2 outfits was pyjamas inspired top + sport pants + sneaker. What a great combination. We actually went for shopping at Day 2 so which is why I wear sneaker and sport pants. Definitely a great apparels for me to move around while I'm busy shopping. Lol

  Day 3  
Day 3 is another tourist day! In order to look like one, I purposely bought a beautiful navy blue hat at China just to match my outfits. Day 3 apparels are long sleeve shirt + denim shorts + fur loafer + white embroidery bag. There was a little rain on that day so wearing a hot is a great choice.

Okay, I need to admit this is not my own outfits. HAHAHA. I actually rent this qipao when I visit one of the attraction (Will blog about it on next post). Me and my mom rented two different qipao for photo shooting purpose. Look so oriental right?

  Day 4  
I don't really take ootd shot at night time because when I'm hungry, I just want to rush to go out for dinner. So all the ootd shot here are taken at day time. Day 4 is almost the end of the trip so I had chosen the casual outfits. Yes, a whole black apparel is my idea. Black tee + black short + black slipper is the outfits of that day!

That's all for today. I will try my best to blog about China trip as soon as possible. Thanks for reading guys. XOXO

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