18 June 2017 Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India


Bhubaneswar India trip Day 3 travelogue is here! In case you missed the day 1 and day 2 post, you can refer the link at the end of the post. I always compound all my travelogue from the same trip at the end of the bottom. I have some exciting thing to share with you guys. Continue reading to find out more.

Konark Sun Temple
( Konark Sun Temple )
It's another brand new day! The weather was getting hotter on day 2. It was 45 degree celsius if I'm not mistaken. We all feel so hot when we were under the sun. Feeling a lot of fats gonna burn on that day. Lol. Think positive!

Konark Sun Temple
The first attraction of that day was The Sun temple at Konark. It is a poetry in stone and a World Heritage Monument, is often described as the grandest achievement of the Eastern school of architecture. This 13th Century AD architectural marvel in stone designed as a chariot of the Sun God with 12 giant wheels fixed on either side, whirled by seven horses is the translation of a Rig Vedic allegory in stone.

It is definitely one of the eminent tourist attractions because it is my personal favourite temple among all the temples in Bhubaneswar. I think I mentioned this before on Instagram. Lol. It is also the first temple that I had visited when I first visit to Bhubaneswar. That's why it is memorable for me.

Around the base of the temple, you can noticed there are images of animals, foliage, warriors on horses and other interesting structures. Each of them has different stories and history. The tour guide also told us whenever there are couples getting married in Bhubaneswar, they will come here to understand the stories before they get married. Sounds interesting right?

When we were reached at Sun Temple, all the local media team welcomed us as VIP. We were start walking around and take picture. All of sudden, a local media staff approached me to do an interview for their TV channel. I was shocked and so nervous at the same time as they didn't provide any script for me and I don't want to talk about. He told me just share my personal experience in Bhubaneswar and answer some tourism related question. At the end I managed to do it. Thanks AirAsia team for the photo, it is definitely memorable for myself.

The media team was NDTV (one of the largest TV channel in India) and MBC TV. Unfortunately I can't find the video clip on the Internet to share with you guys. I tried to find on their website and Facebook or even YouTube. I failed to find. Lol. However, it was a good experience for me.

You can see all the structure of the temple are so beautiful! I haven't see something like that because I haven't been to Cambodia or India this kind of historic country which famous of temples. I'm impress with those people who can build this kind of beautiful temple. I know it is not easy journey to build them all.

Konark Festival

Do you know they have a special festival as well? On Dec 1-5, a festival of Indian classical dances performed by celebrated dancers of the country on an open air auditorium with the famous Sun Temple at the back drop can keep everybody mesmerised. If you want to witness the performance and enjoy the happening, don't forget to attend their Konark Festival.

Drinking a cold coconut in a hot weather like this is a MUST! Thanks for the local tourism for treating us like a VIP. Lol. They almost follow us to anywhere just to make sure we enjoy to the max!

This is the local taxi in Bhubaneswar. If you want to take local transport, you may consider this. Remember to ask for the price before you take their taxi.

Ramachandi Beach
( Ramachandi Beach )
Ramachandi Beach
Our next destination was Ramachandi Beach. It is a beautiful beach side in Orissa, located at the confluence of Bay of Bengal and Kusabhadra River. The beach derives its name from Goddess Ramachandi who is the presiding deity of the region. The Goddess is worshipped here with great respect and devotion.

Ramachandi Beach is located at 7 kms from Konark and is a perfect destination close to the sea to enjoy some fun-filled hours. Since it is quite near from Konark so you can include this two attraction in your travel itinerary if you plan to visit Bhubaneswar.

( Lunch @ Lotus Resort )
Before we visit the Ramachandi Beach, we have our lunch at Lotus Resort which is located just opposite of the beach. We tried the big roasted prawn and buffet style again. The staff are very friendly. If you plan to visit Ramachandi Beach and want to stay for a few night, you may consider to stay at Lotus Resort.

What's so special about this beach is the in between the river, that's actually have another beach in the middle. Thus, you can see water > beach > water > beach again. It is quite unique for me because I never see anything like this before.

When we arrived the beach, we saw the normal golden tone of sands mixed with blue tone of sands. It does attract me because I like navy blue colour and I haven't see this tone of sands before. I only ever saw the golden, brown or black tone of beach before.

There have some water sport activity for the tourists as well. This camping ground is for the tourist to change their clothes. So after the water sport activity you won't feel so wet to get back on boat.

What a beautiful beach. I love the colour combination of sky blue and golden sand. Aghhh~ I'm craving for beach now. Can't wait for my birthday trip soon.

Every time whenever we visit any destination, they will welcomed with this way (photo shown above), they gave us wreath and bindi on our forehead. Make us feel we are part of Indian as well. Lol.

( Raghurajpur Artists Village )
Raghurajpur Artists Village
Raghurajpur is a heritage crafts village on Odisha state, 10 kms from Puri and 55 kms from the state capital Bhubaneswar. There are about a 100 houses in the village and almost everyone is an artisan. They are Pattachitra painters, an art form which dates back to 5 BC.

They also make traditional masks, stone idols, paper mache, sculptures, wooden toys. Some of these artists have also won National Awards for their exceptional work.

I'm really impressed with their drawing talent. You can from the photos, they can draw on any objects even on their wall of their house. All the details are done perfectly.

According to the tour guide, these three little things are represent their god. So cute and so colourful! They really how to match the colour. No wonder they won the National Awards.

When we are walking around and take photos, this auntie just stand at the door and posing. So all of us just take photo of her. Lol. She's so lovely.

They also prepare the dance performance for us. At first we thought the dancer are all female, but actually all of them are male. Their face feature are super pretty. Make sure misunderstand they are female dancers. What make us feel lovely is the youngest dancer in the middle. He look super cute especially when he dancing with cute face expression.

Before we head back to hotel, we stop by at a shopping center for shopping. Unfortunately nothing to shop. So I just bought two pieces of Punjabi for my mom because she requested before my trip. And, we have an ice cream session at New Zealand Natural.

After that, we had our dinner at our hotel. Always love their vegetables soup because they taste so delicious. They even have garlic soup! Oh my~ As a garlic lover, I really appreciate that. Lol.

That's all for today. I will blog about Day 4, 5 and 6 as soon as possible. Some readers already start requesting for my China trip. Guess I need to be more hardworking. See you guys soon. XOXO.

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