26 June 2017


It's been awhile since I blog about makeup. So here you go girl! This time, I collaborate with SHISEIDO to create this makeup look. Make sure you read until the end because tutorial video is included at the bottom of the post. Lately I'm quite active on my YouTube Channel, so don't forget to subscribe me if you haven't.

Few weeks ago, SHISEIDO personally sent me a box and it written as "Unveil the beauty of drama you'll absolutely love." Hmm... I was wondering what's that. Can't wait to open it and discover.

" The Beauty Of Drama "

So, SHISEIDO's new eye makeup series for 2017AW, inspired by the art of Japanese calligraphy. For you info, Japanese calligraphy inspires the appreciation of beauty in form, expression, harmony and skill, and owes its allure to the discipline and definition of each stroke. The Inkstroke Eyeliner pays tribute to the grace and artistry of this time-honored practice, offering ultra-precise application, smooth texture, and deep colour tones. Paired with a unique gel-based formula, this product is the epitome of eyeliner perfection.

SHISEIDO is thrilled to offer me an exclusive sneak peek at this amazing new product. I'm glad that I have the opportunity to experience the effortless glide of silky ink that brings immediate colour and definition to my eyes with just one swift stroke.

( Shiseido Instroke Eyeliner Set )

( Inkstroke Eyeliner Brush )
Inkstroke Eyeliner Brush
Modeled on traditional Japanese callipgraphy brushes, each Inkstroke eyeliner brush is handmade by master artisans in Kumano, where the finest brushes in the world have long been made.

The unique, 30-degree angle design allows for unrivalled comfort and ease of use. The bristles are made of the highest grade man-made Japanese materials.

The delicate tip, carefully crafted to imperceptibly taper the bristles to a precise point, is not only kind to the fragile skin around the eyes, but designed for drawing lines both and fine. At first when I saw this unique design, I thought it might be hard for me to draw a precise eyeliner. However, not at all. It is actually quite easy to draw a fine line.

( Inkstroke Eyeliner )
Instroke Eyeliner
Inspired by the ink and inkstone of traditional calligraphic arts, this gel eyeliner is designed for use with a brush. Marked by a rich gloss, it recreates the gentle glide of ink onto paper, right on your eyelids. The unique new package design is inspired by the inkstone, and solves common gel eyeliner problems, such as smearing and struggle to smooth out brush tips.

6 stunning shades inspired by the essence of Japan
influenced by the beauty found in nature, these 6 exquisite colours perfectly encapsulate the awe that Japanese calligraphy inspires.
  • Shikkoku Black (BK901)
  • Shinrin Green (GR604)
  • Nasubi Purple (VI605)
  • Empitsu Gray (GY902)
  • Kon-Al Blue (BL603)
  • Kuromitsu Brown (BR606)
*Available shades vary by country*

( My personal favourite is Shinrin Green ) 
( Sango Coral, Usuzumi Beige Gray, Namiki Bright Green )
Paperlight Cream Eye Color
A translucent yet matte cream eye colour, inspired by washi paper, a symbol of Japanese culture. Thanks to the super lightweight texture, the colour goes on swiftly and evenly with fingertips or a handheld applicator. Blend to a soft finish for that classic, mellow-eyed Japanese beauty, or apply with a firm sweep for eye-popping hues. Each of the eight shades bears a traditional Japanese name.

8 stunning shades inspired by the essence of Japan
A gentle, translucent matte texture just like washi paper, accompanied by vibrant colour achieved in a single stroke.
  • Namiki Bright Green (GR302)
  • Asagi Blue (BL706)
  • Nobara Pink (PK201)
  • Sango Coral (OR707)
  • Shobu Purple (VL304)
  • Yamabuki Yellow (YE303)
  • Usuzumi Beige Gray (GY908)
  • Hisui Green (GR705)
*Available shades vary by country*

( Full Lash Multi-Dimension Mascara Black )
Full Lash Multi-Dimension Mascara Black
In order to create a gorgeous look, how can you missed the beautiful long and volume eyelashes right? After applied eye shadow and eyeliner, apply a coat of mascara. Trust me, your eyes will outshine all time!

All the products are available 12th June 2017 onwards at all Shiseido counter. Make sure you check them out if you're interested.

So, I had create two look by using different eye shadow and eyeliner. Feel free to drop me a comment which look you prefer. For the makeup tutorial, you can watch the video below. Hope you guys love reading this post. Till here.

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