15 March 2017 Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia


I'm here to blog about food again! Any reader is a fan of waffle? If you're, then you should pay a visit at Zeus Thirteen Cafe. I'm actually have a date with my girl and she recommend this cafe to me. So yeah, my first time here.

Since that day was a girl date, so the theme of my OOTD was pink. I'm wearing a pink top with a pink trouser. I know right~ Super duper pink outfits. Lol

Zeus 13
( Zeus 13 )
Zeus Thirteen Cafe is a good place to chill and meeting with buddies. It is located at Bandar Sunway. What I like about this cafe is easy to find parking, cozy environment and friendly services. You know, it is always very hard to parking at Sunway area. However, for this place I can straightly park in front of this cafe. Super convenient and save time. Lol

Love all they make the door  and glass as transparent because natural lighting is always the best lighting to take photos! If you want to take OOTD at this cafe, go ahead!

Tower Burger, RM22
( Tower Burger, RM22 )
Since both of us not so hungry, so we decided to share our foods. We ordered a Tower Burger (RM22). It served with the whole chicken thigh, turkey ham, cheddar cheese, mushroom, lettuce, eggs, tomato slice, onion with Zeus's special sauce and wedges.

It is quite delicious and we love the wedges. I means, come on, who doesn't love potato wedges right? Well, at least I do.

Zeus Fruity Waffle, RM20
( Zeus Fruity Waffle, RM20 )
For the dessert, the waiter had recommended the Zeus Fruity Waffle (RM20). It served with plenty of fruits such as peach, banana, kiwi, blueberry, strawberry and choose any favourite of Swensen's ice cream. Since the waiter suggest their unique Gula Melaka flavour of ice cream, so we ordered that flavour.

We actually quite worry the flavour of ice cream will be very sweet. Fortunately, it is not. The taste of the ice cream is quite unique. You may give it a try if you plan to drop by soon.

Last but not least, a selfie with my girl Magdalene. Both of us are wearing braces but she already took it off months ago. *Sign* I'm wondering when is my turn......

[ Zeus Thirteen Cafe ]
Address : 19, Jalan PJS 11/14, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Tel : 03-5611 3776

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