9 March 2017 Bangkok, Thailand


Finally I blogged about my Bangkok, Thailand trip! It is actually a sponsored working trip to Bangkok, Koh Tao, Koh Phangan and Surat Thani. Since I went there for working, so we (with boyfie too) just walking around and eat good foods. Basically just a free and easy trip instead of visit every tourist attractions.

It is also our first backpacking trip as both of us never backpacking before. We (especially me) normally bring a lot of stuff when travelling. I need to make sure I will wear different outfits for each day and night. Not to mentioned the accessories to match with each apparels. For this backpacking trip, I need to choose wisely what should I bring and shouldn't. I need to squeeze all of my stuff into the backpack. Luckily I managed to do this!

Jam in the cab
Unfortunately, the day before we depart, the beloved Thai King has passed away. Thus, on the day we arrived at airport and take cab to our hotel for check-in, we had waited 2 hours+ in the cab. Totally can understand the traffic jam as the Thai King is a very good king and all the citizens are respect him.

Rabbit card
Love my rabbit card as it is in mustard colour and my favourite animal - rabbit! I didn't notice the wall is the exactly same colour with the card so they kinda blend in. Lol

Skytrain (BTS)
Our first stop is Chatuchak Weekend Market. We hop on the skytrain (BTS) to Mo Chit station in order to reach Chatuchak Market.  I have been to Bangkok for twice but this is my first time to visit Chatuchak as I always go back to Malaysia on weekdays. Thus, I'm so excited about this market!

Since Thailand weather is very hot like Malaysia, so a pair of slipper, short and tank top is the best outfits for this trip. Lol. Actually I wanted to wear sneaker instead of slipper. However, sneaker really not suitable for island (Koh Tao, Koh Phangan) so I gave up.

Chatuchak Weekend Market
( Chatuchak Weekend Market )
The Chatuchak Weekend Market is the largest market in Thailand. It also known as JJ Market which has more than 8,000 stalls divided into 27 sections.

Lunch @ Chatuchak Market
Once we reached, we are so hungry so we decided to take lunch first before we start shopping. Boyfie ordered a fried pork rice with fried egg on top. I don't know what this dish called before it is written with Thai language.

Lunch @ Chatuchak Market
For me, I ordered a pork fried rice and it is quite yummy. Love they served it with a lime piece so I can taste the spices after I squeeze the lime into the fried rice.

Lunch @ Chatuchak Market
A coconut drink is the best drink you ever had with this hot weather. We can have this all day long! Visit Thailand but didn't take coconut is such as waste.

Lunch @ Chatuchak Market
We add on some Thai chilli sauce and it is so delicious! If you're not afraid of spicy and you love to add some spices on your meals, feel free to add this.

Coco JJ

Coco JJ
( Coco JJ )
After finished our meals, we started to hunt for foods! Coco JJ is a must-eat at Chatuchak! It is the original coconut ice cream which served different variety of topping! You can choose any ice cream flavours and add on any topping that you desire.

Coco JJ Ice Cream
Coco JJ Ice Cream
We had choose coconut ice cream with peanut and corn for topping. It is so delicious. I'm craving for it now while I'm blogging this post. I will definitely try this again if I revisit next time.

Boyfie in love with his Choconana at another stall. Boyfie is a banana and chocolate lover so this coco banana is a perfect combination for him.

Chatuchak is a shopping heaven! You can find variety of clothes and accessories with affordable price. The drawback was you can't try any of the clothing as majority of the stall don't have fitting room. Thus, try to find the size that you think you can fit in.
[ Chatuchak Weekend Market ]
Address : 587/10 Kamphaeng Phet 2 Rd, Khwaeng Chatuchak, Khet Chatuchak.
How to go : Hop on the skytrain (BTS) to Mo Chit station, take Exit No.1 and follow the crowd until you see rows of canvas stalls selling clothes. Turn right while continuing to follow the crowd and you will see a small entrance that leads into the market (clothing section).

Unicorn Cafe
We then head too the popular Unicorn Cafe. You can CLICK HERE to find out more about the details because I wrote a detailed post about it. Hopefully you guys will enjoy reading it. If you read it already, you can continue reading this post. 

 祥记小炒 Chinese Food
After we take a shower in hotel, we come out to have a walk and take our dinner. We took our dinner at 祥记小炒 Chinese Food. We need to wake up at 4am on the next day so we just want to have a simple dinner and faster go back to hotel to have a good sleep.

Lime Chilli Steamed Fish
Boyfie all time favourite Lime Chilli Steamed Fish. He will definitely order this whenever we go for Thai foods. Sour and spicy steamed fish really delicious.

My turn~ My all time favourite omelette. A must order dish whenever you order for Thai food. I recommend this dish to my colleagues and all of them love it!

After finished our dinner, we head to our nearest Family Mart to buy our breakfast for tomorrow morning. Since we need to depart at 5am so we need to wake up early and take our breakfast in the bus. I bought this kawaii Hello Kitty bottle. It is so cute!

I also bought some onigiri and sushi roll for my breakfast. I'm not a bread or biscuit type of person so onigiri always my top choice for breakfast in the convenient store.

We also bought some potato chips as snack. You know, just in case we are hungry again after our breakfast. We need to take 6 hours from Bangkok to Koh Tao. Yes, 6 hours for the bus journey. So now you know why we bought our breakfast the day before huh.

I will blog about from Bangkok to Koh Tao in the next post. Meanwhile, don't forget to watch my Thailand Travel Vlog as below. Make sure to leave me a comment or give me thumbs up. Till here. XOXO.

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