12 February 2017


Finally Chinese New Year 2017 has come to the end. This Chinese New Year is my favourite among all! I took more leaves this time so I manage to meet all my friends and boyfie fly to meet me! For this post, I compile all my #SHINIOOTD CNY outfits to share with my readers what I had wore during CNY. Let me know which is your favourite outfits okay?

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First up is my reunion dinner outfits. This time, I want to stay classy with naked colour. Lately I'm falling in love with naked colour, feel it is elegant and easy to mix & match. I had chosen H&M long sleeve dress. We dine in a very cold air-condition VIP room so long sleeve is definitely a great choice.

    CHOR 1
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Day : Chor 1 is basically the first day of Chinese New Year. Normally we will visit many cousin house for "bai nian" in order to get our angpao. Since the weather is really hot so I had chosen a piece of emerald green dress. It is simple yet chic.

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Night : For evening time, after I went to cousin house for dinner I had another secondary schoolmate gathering to join. Thus, I had chosen the casual look such as single, short with cap. White is the theme of that night.

    CHOR 2
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I went out until very late at Chor 1. So for Chor 2, I had chosen a simple yet elegant grey lace romper. Feel so happy when my friends and readers actually love this piece of romper. I'm glad you guys love it like I do.

    CHOR 3
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Day : The third day of CNY, my outfits is emerald green jumpsuit. Yes, emerald green again. I love this colour because it makes my skin look fair and elegant looking. Surprisingly got male friends actually love this piece. I thought only ladies will love long jumpsuit. Please let me know if you guys interested on this jumpsuit as I plan to take some stocks and sell this.

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Night : We have open house in Chor 3 for every year. Therefore, I choose the bohemian style of top with denim short. It is casual yet unique because not many people will choose bohemian style especially during CNY.

    CHOR 4
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The fourth day of CNY is another casual outfits. I choose the same denim shorts from the previous outfits and match it with a simple white top. Since the weather is really hot on that day, so I tied up my hair into half. My sister said I'm Ariana Grande wannabe. Lol

    CHOR 5
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Nothing special on Chor 5 except casual outing with long lost friend. We visited the newly open cafe in Ipoh so I had chosen a cutie floral romper. It is definitely suitable for the cafe outing. It is actually a sponsored outfits 2 years back and I can't fit it at that time so I just put it in my wardrobe. Can't believe I can fit it after 2 years because I slim down a bit.

    CHOR 8
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Boyfie is here! He fly from Johor on Chor 7 night and we have the same outfits for Chor 8! We have the couple sweater here and I love it! Kinda hot to wear sweater in Ipoh so I tied my hair into a cute bun.

That's all for today. So tell me, which is your favourite outfits and why? My personal favourite outfits would be the grey laces romper and the emerald green jumpsuit. How about you?

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