16 February 2017


Happy Valentine's Day 2017 peeps! I know it is kinda late for this, but I try to be effective to blog about my valentine for this year. Actually want to blog it last night but I'm too exhausted for work these few days. So, how your valentine's day? If you're single, no worries, you will meet your Mr / Mrs Right soon! Just enjoy your life now and the best thing will comes to you real soon. My valentine in 2017 is the best among all! Wish to know more? Continue reading to find out the details.

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Since Valentine's Day for this year is fall on weekday so which means I still need to work. Suddenly I heard someone ring a bell at my office so I go open the door and I saw this beautiful huge black box of roses! I'm so surprise when I saw my name is on the box with big font size. Feel kinda shy when colleagues saw them because the box is really huge and heavy. First time received a flower box and I just love them. Thanks bae, they are lovely.

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My working hour is suppose to be 6pm but I left office about 5.30pm just to avoid the traffic jam. Fortunately, I reached home at 6pm and I still got time to dress up myself + makeup. However, there are slightly jam while we on the way to our dinner place. At the end we managed to get there on time.

Boyfie booked a table @ Pampas Steakhouse at Old Malaya. It is a beautiful restaurant and we have a pleasant dinner there. Thanks for the wonderful dinner. Let's see what are the three course meals for our valentine's dinner.

Appetizer : Pulpo a la Parrilla
( Appetizer : Pulpo a la Parrilla )
Fror our appetizer, what we have here is Pulpo a la Parrilla. Basically it is Chargrilled Spanish Octopus leg with potato confit. When I saw the octopus leg, I'm actually worry about the texture as I'm currently wearing braces for my teeth. Surprisingly it is soft texture and it is delicious! I love how they chargrilled the octopus leg.

Main Course : Galician Beef Sirloin
( Main Course : Galician Beef Sirloin ) 
For the main course, there are two selection for us. Boyfie had choose Galician Beef Sirloin as he is beef lover. It is served with Premium Spanish beef, Galican Beef comes from animals called Galician Blond. They are serving this premium cut of beef sirloin with wasabi infused baked jacket potato, rocket salad and french béarnaise sauce.

If you are close friend of mine then you should know I haven't try beef yet in my whole life. Thus, this is my very first time to taste the beef and surprisingly not bad as I expected. I'm actually quite worry about the smell of blood because boyfie ordered medium rare. Well, guess my worry is too much.

Main Course : Roast Spanish Baby Lanb Ribs & Loin
( Main Course : Roast Spanish Baby Lanb Ribs & Loin )
For my main course, I had choose Roast Spanish Baby Lamb Ribs & Loin. It is Traditional Spanish baby lamb ribs, succulent baby lamb loin stuffed with herbs. According to Pampas, this meal is an all time favourite with lots of flavour and perfect for this special occasion.

I'm actually quite worry about the gamy taste of lamb meat. Well, it doesn't have any gamy smell at all! In fact, it taste really great. This could be one of the best lamb ribs & loin that I ever tasted.

Dessert : Mango Pudding with Cranberry Confit
( Dessert : Mango Pudding with Cranberry Confit )
Last but not least, our desserts are Mango Pudding with Cranberry Confit. The heart shape mango pudding served with cranberry confit and grated coconut. You know, after a heavy meal it's great to finish with something refreshing.

Boyfie & me

( Boyfie & me )
Our selfie photos. I'm actually feel disappointed about my eye makeup because it doesn't turns out the one that I want it to be. It actually look horrible but boyfie keep on comfort me saying it's okay, it is not bad at all so I'm okay for taking photos.

Complimentary Heart Shaped Chocolates
( Complimentary Heart Shaped Chocolates )
Beside of the three course meals, Pampas also gave us a box of complimentary heart shaped chocolates as a gift. Thanks a lot Pampas Steakhouse! Feel free to visit them as their services are good, foods are great and beautiful environment.

Special thanks to my boyfie for everything. You know you are the best gift for me all this while. I can't wait to celebrate our 3rd Valentine's Day next year. Till here. XOXO.

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