20 February 2017 Lantau Island, Hong Kong


Finally the Hong Kong Disneyland post is live now as many of you requested! Disneyland is a miracle place which can turn you into a young kid again! I visited Hong Kong Disneyland when I was 15 and Tokyo Disneyland when I was 19. Can't believe I'm revisit here with my family after 10 years! Let's find out what we had done today!
The wonderful Disneyland, here I come again. I don't really remember anything when I first came here. Thank god now I have an opportunity to experience this all over again and remind me.

The theme of entrance ticket this time is Star Wars as Rogue One movie just released at that moment. I haven't watch that movie yet before I visit Disneyland so I'm so excited. 
Once we enter we saw the beautiful fountain infront of us. This is my niece's first time here and she love to watch fountain a lot. She was so happy and keep shouting "wow, wow, wow" for so many times. We glad to see how happy she is because her happiness is so pure.

We went there during Christmas season so there are Christmas decoration everywhere. I still remember I went to Tokyo Disneyland during the same season as well. Christmas season is always the best because their deco is the most beautiful and eye catchy.

Last time I been there, I haven't see the Iron Man attraction yet. Thought we can go have a look this time but unfortunately they only open for media. So sad we couldn't visit this time. We then visited Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters to play game. My shooting skill is suck! Lol

Walking around and saw a Dark Vader head! It was so cool so we had decided to grab it back home. It a must! We even bought two of it because one for me and one for my niece. There are two flavours selection for the popcorn and we choose the classic caramel. It was so delicious.

Sister, brother in law and niece decided to play the classic Spinning Tea Cup. Me and my parents stand by to help them takes some photos as memories. It was so fun to see my niece is very afraid of spinning the wheel because she scare of faint. Lol

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Merry Go Round is a must-play activity in every Disneyland. My niece is so happy when playing it and we saw many elderly is having fun too.

We have our lunch at Festival of Foods. There are many food varieties here and what we had were Wan Ton Mee. My niece is so excited until she don't want to eat and want to play other games non-stop.

We then visit Winnie The Pooh attraction and bought some ice cream! We always love to have ice cream when we are in Disneyland. I got myself a Minnie Mouse ice cream, sister got herself the Mickey Mouse and mom grab the Stitch ice cream.

We then visit one of our favourite cartoon - Toy Story! I watched all the 3 episodes and I love it! I even cry a little when I watch the scene of Andy passed his favourite toys to the young girl in Episode 3. 

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My favourite character in Toy Story is the Little Green Men aka Three Eyes Alien. They are the cutest! The admire the claw because they think it is a god and when they pick them up, they feel like they are the chosen one. HAHAHA

Here's come the popular paradise! We love this since we were the kids because all the staff in Disneyland smile so happily in order to bring the happiness to those kids. No to mention their music and environment is great as well.

All the princess are here! My favourite here is Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. She is so pretty! Actually I was looking for Ariel from Little Mermaid but unfortunately I didn't spot her here.

Calling all Lilo & Stitch fans! The Stitch here look quite sleepy. Lol. Maybe he is too tired for all the performance. It is not easy to stay energetic all the time.

Finally! My Little Green Men again! They put Toy Story at last but they end the paradise. All the kids are so sad to see it comes to the end which including my niece. Thanks for the great memories Disneyland. Can't wait to visit more Disneyland soon. Don't forget to watch my Hong Kong Disneyland Vlog below.


If you plan to visit Hong Kong soon, feel free to visit my previous post of What To Eat in Hong Kong. Hopefully you guys enjoy reading them and I will see you guys soon. XOXO

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