6 February 2017 Hong Kong


Finaly I blog about my Hong Kong trip. It has been 10 years since my last visit. Can't believe time flies so quickly. This time is a free and easy trip with my family. Basically we just walk around and eat. Since my family just visited there few months back so we didn't visit many tourist attractions. Thus, this post is the sum up of what I had eat and recommend for Hong Kong Foods.

    1. CURRY FISHBALL (咖喱鱼蛋)
Among all the foods I have been craving before I revisit Hong Kong, their Curry Fishball is on top of my list! Love how bouncy of their fishball and of course, their curry gravy. Can you see how big is their fishballs? It is a must-eat street food when you travel to Hong Kong.

    2. EGG PUFFS / EGG WAFFLES (鸡蛋仔)
Egg Puffs or also known as Egg Waffles is another must-eat street food. I don't really craving for it when I'm in Malaysia but I have no idea why I'm craving for it while I'm in Hong Kong. I love their crispiness and the taste of egg. Love how crispy at the outside but a little fluffy in the middle.

    3. MILK TEA (奶茶)
Compare to Malaysia version of milk tea (teh tarik), Hong Kong style of Milk Tea are slightly not sweet. If you're not a person who love to drink sweet beverage, then you might like this. Although I prefer their soya than milk tea, however, you might want to give it a try.

    4. PINEAPPLE / POLO BUN (菠萝包)
The popular Pineapple Bun also known as Polo Bun is another must-order dish! I'm pretty sure you guys know what is this. For your info, it is a pineapple bun which kind of sweet bun predominantly popular in Hong Kong. Perfect match with the milk tea.

Finally, my favourite Hong Kong style Instant Noodle. It also known as "Gong Zai Min". It is served as instant noodle jazzed up a little with egg and luncheon meat. It is the common Hong Kong style breakfast that you can see in every restaurant. I'm a fan of luncheon meat and egg, so I guess you know why it turns out to be my favourite.

    6. DIM SUM (点心)
DIM SUM (点心)
Dim Sum is a must-eat food at Hong Kong. Same as Malaysia, we need to queue for our seats in order to eat dim sum. Moreover, the queue are even longer than in Malaysia. Therefore, make sure you get up early for the queue.

    7. DESSERT / TONG SHUI (甜品 / 糖水)
When talk about dessert in Hong Kong, you must try the famous Hui Lau Shan (许留山), they specialise in dessert especially the mango flavour. You can taste their dessert such as pudding, ice cream, cold biscuits, tong yuan and many more.

Beside of dessert, there is the traditional Chinese dessert that we called "Tong Shui". I love the Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo (杨枝甘露) so much. I tried this in Malaysia but it is not tasty as I tried in Hong Kong.

    8. TOAST (多士)
TOAST (多士)
I'm not a toast person, but the toast in Hong Kong taste not bad. They served it with scramble egg and I love their French toast the most! You can find this at every restaurant on the street. 

    9. PORRIDGE (粥)
How can you missed the porridge!? Again, not a fan of porridge. I probably will eat it when I'm sick. However, I love to eat porridge in Hong Kong especially the 柴鱼花生粥. They normally served it with yau cha kueh (油炸鬼), so crispy yet yummy. Love they boiled the porridge until so smooth like soup.

    10. WAN TAN MEE (云吞面)
Last but not least, another favourite of mine - Wan Tan Mee. How can you missed this before you left Hong Kong. Their wan tan mee is slightly different with Malaysia version. Their prawn wan tan size is bigger than us and they only served in soup which means they don't served with dry sauce.


That's all for today. I will blog about my Hong Kong Disneyland post soon so remember to stay tuned at my blog. Feel free to visit related food recommendation posts below (click to view) :

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