2 January 2017


First post of 2017

Hello readers! Welcome to my blog and this is the first post of 2017. Thanks for supporting my blog all the time and I'm really appreciate your readership. I'm just an anonymous small potato and I won't still blogging if without you guys. Frankly, maintain an active blog is not an easy job. I need your support as motivation for me to blogging continuously. Today, it's all about 2016 recap of my life. It will be wordy but won't too lengthy as I only emphasise 10 things happened in 2016. 

[ 1. Lovely stable relationship ]
I was so thankful I have a lovely boyfriend who support and understand my job as a blogger all the time. Our relationship started on 2015 and we has been together for 1.5 years. I'm really appreciate he fetch me to events, accompany me for food reviews, help me to take tons of photos and many more. I really feel so thankful as my ex boyfriend doesn't support and dislike my job as a blogger. I update my blog twice per week or following the dateline if I have any projects or campaign on hands. I try to squeeze more time for him as I don't to become a workaholic and ignore him. I can't wait to celebrate our 2nd anniversary in 2017!

[ 2. Exercise ]
In case you don't know, I'm a person who hate exercise since high school. Until I met my partner-in-crime (boyfriend). He makes me join Celebrity Fitness and I go to gym like twice - three times per week. Although my body shape is not fit enough or outcome with six packs (trust me, it is not easy) but I try my best to slim down a bit and become healthier. My body was so weak before that. Now I can run at least 3km continuously.

[ 3. Birthday trip - Boracay, Philippines ]
My birthday trip in 2015 was happened at Lexis Hibiscus, Port Dickson. In 2016, boyfie decided to bring me to Boracay, Philippines for the birthday celebration. It was truly fun and exciting as that was my first time to Philippines and I'm looking forward for the birthday celebration in 2017. I don't expect luxury celebration and presents. All I want is a warm and lovely birthday as long as he is by my side.

[ 4. Working trip with boyfie - Thailand ]
I went to Thailand on October with boyfie for working purpose. It was our second oversea trip together. We don't really enjoy the trip and feel exhausted as the schedules are so pack! Yes, my company plan the schedules so that's why. But again, feel thankful for the first backpacking experience. I guess I won't backpacking again for this few years.

[ 5. Sponsored media trip - Macau ]
I just told my mom I never been to Macau the other day even I had visited Hong Kong before. The next thing I know was I received the sponsored media trip to Macau on the next day. So coincidence! First visit and and everything was sponsored. Thanks for the experience and all the lovely arrangement.

[ 6. Family trip - Hong Kong ]
It has been awhile since I travel with family. All the family members (including me) are so busy all the time. It is either I'm not in Malaysia / my parents / my sisters. Yes, whenever we have free times, it is all about travelling. I'm so happy we managed to have a family trip to Hong Kong before 2016 was end. The trip was free and easy, we no need to rush here an there.

[ 7. Sponsored camera - Bumblebee ]
Got my Casio Exilim FR100 (Bumblebee) on hand. All thanks to Casio for the sponsored camera. I'm still loving it and love to carry around whenever outing with friends or boyfie. I always use it to take photos whenever I'm travelling alone or no one is there to help me take photo. It is one of my favourite camera all these years.

[ 8. New camera - Kuro ]
Bought myself a new camera Sony RX100 III (Kuro) and I'm falling in love with it! My first time using Sony camera and the outcome of every single photo and video impressed me. I can't wait to bring Kuro to explore this world more!

[ 9. Blog hit 1 Million views ]
Yeah. My blog hit 1,000,000 views months ago but I forgot to announce it on my blog. LOL. All thanks to my lovely readers. I'm looking forward for millions views.

[ 10. Learning ]
Learning new things everyday. I love to meet new people from different fields and learn new things at different industry. In 2016, I learn a lot of things that I never aware of their existent. Thanks for the people who taught me a lot and point out my mistakes. I will try my best to improve myself day by day.

That's all for my 2016 recap. Of course there are still many things that I didn't list out here. I guess if I'm gonna list out all you guys won't reading this post anymore. LOL. Till here. XOXO.

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