23 July 2015 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia


Bonjour  Finally I blog about my #birthday sweet escape for this year! Yippee, this year was the special one because my status had changed. Oopsie~ Did I said something? Well yup, I'm not single anymore. Teehee.

For the past 2 years, I was always hoping I can celebrate my birthday with my boyfie at somewhere on the beach. Of course, I've been single for almost 2 years so my wish always not gonna come true. However, this year, someone did it! Although not exactly beach side, but at least half of my wish was come true. At first we was planing to go Boracay for my birthday celebration, but unfortunately I just came back from oversea so I don't really have many leaves left. He, tried to gave me a surprise. He told me to prepare the whole day(the exact day of my birthday) for him. I asked him what you gonna do. He told me not to ask because it was a surprise. Well okay~ Until last minute, he brought me to Lexis Hibiscus @ Port Dickson and told me he already booked the room for us one month ago.

I was shock and happy at the same time because I thought we can just simply celebrate it somewhere in KL. Even though is not beach side but I'm still very excited because this was my first time to stay in Lexis Hibiscus as they just opened on April and the last time I've been to Port Dickson was about 5 years ago.

Reached the destination and observing the view

Okay. Recently my apparels was all black. Not those girly girl anymore. LOL

Our room number - 196. So if you're staying at this room in future, yeah~ Shini stayed at here before.

The view of the pool side. Look how tiny am I.

Colourful life~

Some vain photos that taken by boyfie

I like the glass panel on the floor to view the marine life below

See~ Perfect background for me to take photo right?

Our feet <3 p="">

Basically our room was Premium Pool Villa. Refining luxury living with a lavish range of exclusive features : a spacious living area equipped with two king-size beds, modern furniture and fittings. Accentuated with a full, clear floor-to-ceiling glass window, it offers a unique living and spatial experience.

I like how they hide the LCD TV parallel with the black wall. It looks sophisticated. 

They even providing the ironing board for the tenant.

Some coffee and tea packets.

Finally~ The swimming pool!

#SHINIOOTN for dinner.

Basically the hotel having 2 choices of cuisine. One of them would be the UMI - Japanese Restaurant while another one was Roselle Coffee House. Eventually both of us decided to go for Roselle to try their buffet. Total cost for 2 person was RM176.

After finished the dinner, both of us felt so full and we decided to walk back to our room. Normally they have the buggy services for the tenants. But by walking back at night especially after dinner would be better choice so we can digest the foods faster. LOL~

I told boyfie no need to buy the whole cake because I knew for sure we can't finish it and look what he did.

I always wanna try their cake whenever I pass through their shop @ The Garden. Thank you Bii~

The cake was so delicious! The chocolate cake was not so sweet and the sour strawberry can balance the sweetness. Guess what~ They even have the nutella in the middle! Wow~ My favourite!

My bii remember I love champagne so he bought us the Moët & Chandon Rosé Imperial 

Awww~ This is just perfect! Thank you very much bii!

May my wish come true~

Thank you so much for everything bae. Hope you can continue giving me surprises ya. HAHAHA. If you guys wish to stay at another hotel selection in Port Dickson, you can visit my staycation at Avillion Water Chalet.


[ Lexis Hibiscus, Port Dickson Info ]

12th Mile, Jalan Pantai, Pasir Panjang 71250, Port Dickson, Negeri 
                      Sembilan, Malaysia. 

06-660 2626

Premium Pool Villa - from RM699 (The room that we stay)
Executive Pool Villa - from RM599



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