Hello! Yippee~ Finally I share with you guys my birthday aka Boracay trip with boyfie here! This would be my very first to visit Philippines and I'm so excited! Why? Because I finally hit my little milestone - Philippines is my 11th visited countries! Yeah~ And I can't wait to explore other country and share with you all. Since I came back to Malaysia, most of my friends keep asking about how much do I spend there, what did we eat there, what to do there etc. No worries guys, I got you cover! Just reading this post and you will find the answer that you want. Since it is a 5D4N trip so I will divide them into a few posts. Thus, continue reading to find out more. 

Happy Birthday! Oopsie~ I know it's a little bit late to blog about my birthday celebration for this year because my actual birthday is 14th July. I was in Boracay with my boyfie on the actual day so I need time to settle my stuff once I touched down Malaysia. Today post is just a simple sweet post about my advanced birthday celebration with boyfie and my family at Garvy's French Dining. Continue reading to find out more.

We actually had my birthday dinner at Garvy's French Dining @ Ipoh. Yes, I back to my hometown and celebrate with my family. Every year I will do the same because they always on the first place in my heart. This would be the second time that I had visited this cuisine. Last time one of my friend bring me along and this time I'm excited to try their other dishes. It is great to know that Ipoh has such quality of fine dining because Ipoh is a small town and I always hope there are more and more quality western foods or fine dining came in.

Boyfie and me

Garvy's French Dining is a purveyor of fine French dining from the esteemed chef Romain Fabre. However, if you think Garvy's French Dining are only served fine dining then you could be wrong. The restaurant have two section : one is for fine dining and another area is for ala carte(cafe). The one that we went is cafe section.

For beverages, we ordered French Rose Tea(RM7.90), English Breakfast Tea(RM9.90), Apple Juice(RM8.90), Hot Chocolate(RM9.90) and Cappucino(RM9.90). Since today post main focus is about my birthday celebration so I don't need to specifically describe the dish one-by-one because all I want you guys to concentrate is ME! LOL

For the appetizers, we ordered Pumpkin Soup(RM12.90), Veloute Dubarry "cauliflower" with poached eggs (RM17.90), Garvy's Chicken Caesar Salad(RM14.90) and Breads. Actually the bread was free, we don't really order it but it taste great with the vinegar and olive oil. I would like to recommend their Garvy's chicken caesar salad because it taste good and healthy.

Main Course
Finally, for the main course we had Chicken Milanaise(RM22.90), Chicken Breast & Mushroom Cream(RM22.90), Truffle Mac and Cheese(RM29.90), Salmon Fish(RM55.90) and Salmon Pasta(RM22.90). Overall all the foods are taste good except my younger sister complaint about the portion of the Salmon is too small for her.

Last but not least, we ordered Tatin Pie(RM12.90) and Panacotta and fruit sauce(RM12.90). The Panacotta is great but we found the Tatin pie was a little bit too sweet. My family don't usually like the sweet desserts so we don't really like the pie.

[ Garvy's French Dining ]
275, Kampar Road,
30250, Ipoh, Perak.

Opening Hours
Lunch :
Tue - Fri |
 12pm - 2pm, Sat - Sun | 12pm - 3pm
Dinner :
Tue - Sun | 7
pm - 10pm

(CLOSED on Monday)

(05) 255-8082

Website | Facebook

So after finished our dinner, we head back home for the birthday song celebration. They got me a rose shape strawberry cake from Baskin Robbins and it's beautiful! And of course, delicious~

After the birthday song, make wish, blow the candle and cut the cake, yeah~ I'm officially 25 this year. Feel kinda old already as some of my friends already get married and even become a mom / dad. Wondering when will be my turn? Guess when I'm 28 maybe?

Family group photo
Younger sister and me
Celebrate my birthday with my family is always the best thing for every year! And what even great is my boyfie is there with me too. Celebrate with them are blessed.

Thanks for all the lovely presents but what I like the most is the gift from boyfie. Why? Because I told him I like this ring from Chow Tai Fook on April this year but seem not necessary to buy it since I got quite a lot of rings. I'm surprised he remember it and bought it on the same month I told him! He only pass it to me before the birthday celebration and told me he waited for so long. Thank you so much baby boy and I really love it! 

Look good on me right?

Thanks for everything for my baby, family and friends for the birthday celebration & presents. Also, thanks for my colleagues for the birthday cakes and celebration. Too bad it's so rush so I didn't take any photos. Thanks for the everyone's wishes as well. And I can't wait to share with you guys about my birthday aka Boracay trip too. So remember to stay tuned at my blog. Till here. Loves


Annyeonghaseyo! First of all, happy birthday to Althea! Yes, I'm talking about #Altheaturns1 birthday celebration. Today post would be a simple one. Just want to share with you guys what I have received from them and their special birthday giveaway. So don't forget to read it till the end.

Annyeonghaseyo! Finally I'm back from Boracay! It is time to pamper my skin. I always love surprises especially from Innisfree. If you read about my previous post earlier [LINK HERE] then you should know they are really creative and lovely to hand delivery for me those pampering kit. Thus, what I've got from them this time? Yes! Is Volcanic Pore Pampering Kit!

Aloha! Today post is just a short one. I will be away for the whole week for my birthday vacation to Boracay, Philippines! Yippie~ Finally my first oversea trip for 2016. I miss travelling so much! I was super busy for this half year and took me so long to take leaves for my summer vacation. What makes me so excited would be I hit my little milestone - Boracay is the 11th visited countries on my list. Can't wait to hit the 12th!

It doesn't feel good when you saw all of your friends travel to the beaches on your news feed while you're working. Now finally is my turn! Travel is always the best damn thing to release my stress! 

If you wishes to collaborates with my blog or social media channels, please don't hesitate to drop me an email and I will reply you as soon as possible once I touch down in Malaysia. If you already have my number, please don't whatsapp me cause I don't reply work related when I'm travelling. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Annyeonghaseyo!  Finally I talk about my Busan, South Korea trip today. This is my very first time to visit Busan as I had visited Seoul for twice so I'm excited to explore more about South Korea! I actually have friends who currently study at there but unfortunately I only managed to visit there for one day then I need to head back to our cruise. Remember I blogged about my cruises trip earlier?  [LINK HERE] Yes, we stopped by at Busan for one day then head to Osaka Japan so the schedule quite rush.

Bonjour! I guess today topic is pretty obvious. "People Do Not Read Blog Anymore" is one of the sentence that PR told me lately. They said it straight to my face and they mean it! I was wondering, is it true? People don't really read blog anymore? We put a lot of effort on our blog, it is quite hard for us to accept the statement that people don't read blog anymore.

" People Getting Lazy "
People are getting lazy day by day. Maybe they feel lazy to read the long blog post? Even they want to get the information, they will just ask people on Facebook or they just grab those details on Facebook. It is true that people laziness level are out of expectation! Why I said that? Even I mentioned where did I bought my clothes in the caption on Instagram, some people will still comment to ask where I bought my clothes. Even short captions also don't want to read, how about those long blog post?

" Blogger become Influencer "
I followed some famous fashion blogger from oversea who can earn about USD50,000 monthly. Guess what? Most of them are changing their roles from blogger to influencer. Maybe they are thinking the same way? No one read blog anymore? But what do you means by influencer? I saw couples of Malaysian bloggers who are not famous at all, with super low blog statistics and social media channel followers claiming themselves as influencer. Seriously? Like that everyone also can become an influencer. I knew because I had collaborated with some infamous bloggers (who they call themselves as influencer) before but turns out the result is not good. Not saying influencers are better than bloggers, just need to choose the right person. In addition, I also don't believe those blogger with title of Malaysian Top / Famous blogger because I checked their social media channel and blog statistics when I was working in the agency and find out the result are low. Unless like Jane Chuck (she has become an influencer as well), no need further introduction people also knew who she is.

" Watch More Than Read "
Yes. I read some articles saying nowadays people watch videos more than read blog or articles. That's why even Facebook changed their strategies. Nowadays some big brand rather require bloggers to record a video to promote their products than blogged about them. It is true because watching video is always interesting than reading, unless your content is exciting enough. 

Conclusion, there are still many people out there read blogs. But at the same time, some readers might not read blogs anymore. Anyway, I'm still hoping my readers read my blogs but at the same time keep track with my social media channels. Loves

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Update : I'm not saying "everyone" do not read blogs anymore, just certain  type of people. Also, I need to emphasize Malaysian blog but not other countries because their blog statistics super high and of course the quality of content is different as well. (Need to put this because some bloggers take it seriously.)   

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