11 July 2016


Aloha! Today post is just a short one. I will be away for the whole week for my birthday vacation to Boracay, Philippines! Yippie~ Finally my first oversea trip for 2016. I miss travelling so much! I was super busy for this half year and took me so long to take leaves for my summer vacation. What makes me so excited would be I hit my little milestone - Boracay is the 11th visited countries on my list. Can't wait to hit the 12th!

It doesn't feel good when you saw all of your friends travel to the beaches on your news feed while you're working. Now finally is my turn! Travel is always the best damn thing to release my stress! 

If you wishes to collaborates with my blog or social media channels, please don't hesitate to drop me an email and I will reply you as soon as possible once I touch down in Malaysia. If you already have my number, please don't whatsapp me cause I don't reply work related when I'm travelling. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you wishes to keep track with my updates at Boracay, don't forget to follow my Instagram (@shinilola) and Facebook Page / Timeline. I will frequently updates my travel activities on my social media channels. Last but not least, love you!

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