23 May 2016 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia


Hola! Well, I'm quite a half Johorian now because my boyfie is from Johor and sometime I followed him back to Johor. After I blogged about Johor Day Trip (LINK HERE) and I feel excited to explore  more cafes in Johor. And this time, I'm visited to OIC - Oh Ice Cream Cafe which is located at Mount Austin, Johor Bahru. 

The interior is quite retro and simple. It's located at the corner area so quite easy to find a car park there. 

OIC is stand for "Oh! Ice Cream"

I like the ambiance which is quiet and cozy. The interior is simple and the sunlight can be go through the shop well which means good lighting for photo capture.

You need to order at the cashier / counter with the menu provided. After that, you can choose the topping by your own. The topping table is just located beside the the counter.

While we are waiting for our dessert to be served, we take some vain photos as that moment I'm still trying more features on my new camera - BumbleBee (LINK HERE)

Ta-da! Our dessert has arrived. It served with a Tiffany Blue bowl of ice cream and topping, pancake with chocolate sauce, chocolate and honey sauce.

Closed Up  :  Ice Cream Bowl
We chosen marshmallow, cornflakes and biscuit as toppings. If i'm not mistaken, you able to choose 3 toppings as you desire. Since we knew chocolate sauce will be served, so the toppings we had chosen are not sweet taste.

Close Up : Pancake
Got a little bit of disappointment on the pancake because the layer is way to thin. The taste is fine, I just hope that they can make the pancake thicker layer.

It's cute too see they placed the blue rose plastic cover on the spoon and fork. Me and boyfie are discussing what it is for because we have no idea. LOL~ Maybe just for decoration purpose.

Love this candid shot by boyfie as I was non-stop talking and not aware he is taking photo of me. Luckily not the ugly one.

It might be a good place to take OOTD shot here. Overall I think the ice cream is fine and dry ice smoke is an attractive method to attract customers. However, the price might be a little to pricey for it. Maybe they are located at Johor Bahru and they don't have many dessert choices there? But I still managed to find other dessert cafe with affordable price out there in JB. Just my personal opinions. Maybe you guys should pay a visit and experience yourself. Till here. Loves

[ OIC Oh Ice Cream ]

11, Jalan Austin Heights 8/5,
Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru.


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