25 May 2016


Annyeonghaseyo! Today post is about a famous Korean brand - Innisfree! I'm pretty sure you girl heard about this brand if you're a Korean beauty fans. Remember to read this post to the end because today I will be talk about their latest and new coming in products! Of course, as you can see from the photo above, this post will be including the limited edition No-Sebum Mineral Powder and the lovely Eco-Hankie kit. Continue reading to find out more.

Ta-da! These beautiful package was sent personally to me! I was surprised when they hand delivery it to me during my working hours. It was huge and lovely. Thank you so much Innisfree! The attractive pastel colour macarons from Delectable by Su was delicious. Me and boyfie enjoy eating it.

A lovely message from them
Let's see what's inside the box shall we?
The box is including Eco-Hankie kit, No-Sebum Mineral Powder, The Green Seed Serum and cute themed pouch.
Limited Edition No-Sebum Mineral Powder

Innisfree NO-SEBUM Mineral Powder is the perfect quick fix in anyone’s makeup emergency kit. Containing Jeju natural mineral powder, it is friendlier than water in absorbing excessive sebum while retaining the skin’s moisture and keeping it comfortable. Whether it is a quick touch up or used as a base finishing powder, the mineral powder has been effective since 2007. To celebrate 10 years since the mineral powder’s birth, innisfree is releasing five special limited edition designs to thank fans for their support and love towards the NO-SEBUM Mineral Powder. The designs come in pleasant pastel colours and have cute messages on them.

The message I got is "Good Luck"

Tried and tested it during my Port Dickson trip and the outcome is fantastic! First of all, the packaging is cute and easily to carry. It smell great and I just apply appropriate amount on my face but it is enough to makes my face looks radiant! You guys can actually obvious the result according to the photo above. you can receive additional 120 points with every purchase of a limited edition NO-SEBUM Mineral Powder at RM24*While stocks last* I can't wait to collect other messages of the mineral powder. It's limited edition anyway so why not?

Beside of the attractive No-Sebum Mineral Powder, Innisfree also released some new in products such as Innisfree Brow Master Pencil (RM43)This 3-in-1 eyebrow pencil is your solution to contour, volume, and create on point eyebrows anywhere, anytime.

There are also several in-store May Promotion :
Long Wear Cushion Special Set 
Purchase Long Wear Cushion & Refill for RM80 (worth RM129)

Whitening Pore Special 
With purchase of Whitening Pore Synergy Serum, receive a complimentary Whitening Pore Trial Kit

Gift with Purchase
With purchase of RM120 & above, receive gift of Best Cleaning Foam Collection
With purchase of RM210 & above, receive gift of Best Special Care Mask Collection

Cushion Day Promotion: 14th May 2016
Accumulate 800 membership points with purchase of any innisfree Cushion
1. For members only
2. Limited to 10 Cushion per member
3. Not eligible for point accumulation
4. Entitled for monthly gift with purchase

Next up would be the Eco-Hankie kit. Protecting the environment is innisfree’s top priority and green responsibility. Which is why innisfree started the Eco-Hankie Campaign in 2010. Being their leading CSR effort, the Eco-Hankie Campaign encourages people to use handkerchiefs instead of tissues by coming up with unique handkerchiefs.

This year is no different, as it will be featuring designs inspired by the dolphins and haenyeo of Jeju Island. The haenyeo are female divers who are able to dive deep into the waters around Jeju to harvest sea life without the help of breathing equipment. To support the motion for the haenyeo to be registered under the UNESCO as national treasures this year, innisfree will be honouring the haenyeo’s life story through 2016 Eco-Hankie Campaign.
As part of innisfree’s annual “Eco-Handkerchief Campaign,” in conjunction with World Environment Day, they will be giving away eco-hankies in the month of June 2016. This campaign began in 2010 as a way to inspire and encourage global customers to reduce their waste of paper napkins and facial tissues. This year, the designs revolve around the haenyeo, or “sea women,” of Jeju Island as well as the marine life of its waters.

Of the many natural wonders of Jeju Island, perhaps the most impressive are the generations of South Korean women who have, for centuries, been the divers and main breadwinners of their families. Dubbed “the last mermaids on earth,” the haenyeo are resilient and fearless women who make their living by harvesting seafood by hand from the ocean floor. They are so significant, the South Korean government have requested for them to be added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

Ambassador - Lee Min Ho & Yoona
The haenyeo way of diving is recognised worldwide as eco-friendly. It minimises pollution while co-existing with nature. To exemplify this, three designs depict the haenyeo swimming peacefully alongside indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins, basalt, and the coral of the sea of Jeju.

As the tagline “Use a Hankie, Save the Earth!” might imply, switching to handkerchiefs is a simple, workable step. Not only can handkerchiefs be used to replace paper napkins and facial tissue, they have a number of other fashionable and practical uses. From a trendy hairband on a windy day to a quick way to wrap and carry a lunch box, you’ll never be sorry to have a hankie or two lying around.

Beside of the 3 design of handkerchiefs, they also sent me a lovely limited edition pouch
Demonstrate how to play around with the handkerchiefs
Sometime handkerchiefs can be a fashion piece too. You can wear it as accessories such as head band or wristband like what I done from the photos. Or you can even tied it as a cute bow design on your bag. With purchase of RM30 & above in a single receipt and skipping the plastic bag, you can receive a complimentary Eco-Handkerchief. *Available in 3 designs. While stocks lasts.*

Limited Edition The Green Tea Serum (RM120 | 160ml)
In celebration of the Eco-Handkerchief Campaign, innisfree is also introducing limited editions of The Green Tea Seed Serum, The Green Tea Seed Cream, Water Glow Cushion, and Long Wear Cushion with designs adapted from the eco-hankies. These products will be jumbo sized, giving customers a better view of the artwork. I tried the serum and it makes my skin feel so fresh! It has become one of my daily skincare routine now.

Water Glow Cushion Special Set - Cushion + Refill (RM80.00) and The Green Tea Seed Cream (RM115.00 | 100ml). The design looks so cute right? They are limited edition as well. So grab as much as you can while stocks last.

There are also several in-store June Promotion :

Gift with Purchase 
With purchases of RM120 & above, Eco-handkerchief x 1 and Jeju Volcanic Trial Kit x 1
With purchases of RM210 & above, Eco-handkerchief x 1 and Limited Edition Eco-bag x 1

Cushion Day Promotion: 11th June 2016
Receive 10 pcs It’s Real Squeeze Mask with purchase of Long Wear or Water Glow Cushion
1. For members only
2. Limited to 10 Cushion per member
3. Not eligible for point accumulation
4. Entitled for monthly gift with purchase

Innisfree Body Line - My Body (Body Lotion)
Do you know Innisfree will be bring in body line on June as well? Innisfree My Body - Body Lotion (RM46.00 | 300ml) which can makes you skin stay refreshed throughout the day and keep your skin soft. Innisfree’s newest body lotion lineup, My Body available in 10 scentsCherry Blossom, Tangerine Blossom, Cotton Flower, Jasmine, Peach Cedar Wood, Pure Soap, Daphne, Wild Berry and Gardenia. I can't wait to grab them home because the colourful packaging looks so attractive!

Thanks for spending time to read this long post. I try to includes all the details and promotion for you guys. Hope you guys really enjoy it and do drop by there store to check it out. Loves

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