19 May 2016


Konnichiwa! Every women deserve to be beautiful and we must pamper our skin daily in order to achieve flawless skin. Remember I blogged about the Eversoft Skinz Youth Recall Booster Mist (LINK HERE) previously? This time I will continue with the series which is Eversoft Skinz UV-White Instant Fairness Mask.

Japanese women have long been known for their luminous Asian skin, often described as having radiant, youthful and porcelain-like skin. The secret to their preservation of flawless skin would be their skincare regime. Thus, in order to achieve flawless skin like Japanese women, we need to take good care of your skin and follow their skincare routine.

Eversoft Skinz is an advanced Japanese technology skincare innovation that adheres closely to the traditional 5-step Japanese skincare ritual that effectively addresses key anti-ageing and maintenance of skin's fairness. Adding on to Eversoft Skinz UV White(Whitening) skincare range are 1 new product to enhance the existing 5-step Japanese skincare ritual. 

This pampering face mask penetrates deep into the skin for inner clarity and glow so skin is instantly 10 times brighter at the epidermis layer and fairer. It also replenishes and restores skin moisture for longer lasting hydration.

Eversoft Skinz gives Asian women radiant, youthful and porcelain-like skin when used regularly with its Japanese 5-step skincare ritual. Looking and feeling good at any age like the Japanese women require very little effort when done with the correct beauty regime. Maintaining one's best look at any age is a way of life, not for period of time only. So, do bare in mind the skin is belongs to you and pamper it as much as you can!

I take out the mask and apply for 15 - 20 minutes. Please noted that don't apply the mask for more than 20 minutes because your skin might be dehydrated. Just follow the directions will do.

Ta-da! Here is the result. Can you see my skin is radiant and shine bright like a diamond? HAHAHA. I'm confident enough to show you guys my bareface because now my skin is healthy. You guys should tried it and let me know your outcome too kay?

The Eversoft skinz UV White Instant Fairness Mask retail at RM6.90. Eversoft Skinz products are available at all leading pharmacies, supermarkets and beauty stores. For more information about Eversoft Skinz, please log on to their Official Website or check out their Facebook Page.


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