Hola  We all knew KL is a busy city. Thus, it's always good to have a weekend getaway to some place that will makes us feel relax. Last 2 weeks, I'm glad to have a lovely staycation at The Haven Resort and Residences. Since I'm an Ipohian, I heard about The Haven Resort before but this is the first time I been here. Feeling great for the stay because it is multiple award-winning development.

Bonjour  Online shopping is one of my hobbies. The main reason that I like to shop online is because the price is reasonable and affordable. Gearbest.com is my latest favourite site to shop! 

Hola  I know I'm not married yet. But who knows, maybe soon? LOL~ I'm looking forward for my future wedding. However, I was wondering if I really get married anytime soon. I think I should plan well on everything about my wedding which include dress and attire, photography, venue, catering, theme & decoration and so many things. Well, how do I manage to do research of all these issue? Until I found Bridestory

Established in April 2014, Bridestory is known as a leading online wedding marketplace which has a strong social media presence among Indonesian and international audiences. Bridestory is an inspiring and resourceful online global wedding directory and marketplace that helps to connect wedding professionals and vendors with engaged couples around the world. 

Among all of the issue, the one that I will focus the most would be Dress and Attire. I search for vendors of dress and attire and I found two of my favourites : The Proposal and Christy Ng.

I never heard about The Proposal before until I found it on the list at Bridestory. Their dresses are amazingly beautiful. You can imagine you will look insanely gorgeous and elegant by looking as following photos.

Photo credit - The Proposal
Photo credit - The Proposal

These dresses look so beautiful right? How I wish I can have my wedding dress like this during my wedding. I guess I will look super gorgeous by wearing them. LOL

Another favourite would be Christy Ng. If you're my reader then you should know I blogged about Christy Ng shoes before. CLICK HERE if you missed it. I always love their shoes design because they always come out something elegant and lovely.

Photo credit - Christy Ng

Photo credit - Christy Ng

I always love Christy Ng shoes collection because their design is simple but classy. As all I always mentioned, simple is more. That's why I love to wear my shoes from Christy Ng during events or wedding dinner.

Overall I think Bridestory is a good online wedding platform because basically I can search most of the wedding related vendors here. I will continue to explore more of their website so remember to STAY TUNED. Loves


Official Website


Hola  It's been awhile since I talk about fragrance. I don't really use fragrance unless attending wedding dinner, professional speech, events or any special occasion. Till I found ck2, it became our (me and boyfie) favourite.

Do you guys knew Calvin Klein had actually introduced the world’s first unisex fragrance (CK One) back to 1994, it is the one that marked the urban youth of the nineties. 20 years after Calvin Klein launched the groundbreaking CK One, it returns to its tradition and introduce a new scent that is gender free called ck2 intended for the Millennials generation.

Calvin Klein | ck2
You see, whenever we are not single anymore, we always love to share something with our loves one. Clothes, cap, fashion pieces or anything that can fit both of us. It's fun and lovely for me to share something with my boyfie to evoke emotions of my love to him. I always want to own a perfume which can suitable for me and my boyfie. For me, I prefer with something fresh and light while my boyfie love slightly heavy but masculine flavours.

We have been use different perfume separately until we found ck2. ck2 is a dual-faceted scent that balances two opposing forces: the strike of spicy electric freshness and the warmth of magnetic woods. a signature fragrance for an urban, alternative, new freshness.

Announced as an urban woody - fresh scent, ck2 begins with unusual combination of wasabi, mandarin and violet leaf. Wet cobblestones and concrete accords are mixed with orris root and rose absolute and placed on the woody base of vetiver, sandalwood and incense.

Both of us love this scent a lot. The scents recalls a rich sensuality with my loves one. It makes me feel confident as well. It's complex while cool and natural, two fragrance worlds merge together perfectly to create an passionate, loving and diverge connection.

The bottle is a thick glass cylinder set in a clear base that allows the fragrance to be viewed either upside down or right side up, intended to reinterpret minimalism. Besides, to express ck2’s gender-free fragrance, the bottle design is the combination of male and female element.

The outer packaging displays every facet of the bottle held inside.  Giving a not so subtle nod to today’s ever growing high tech realm, the carton perfectly shown the principles of minimalism that are essential to the brand’s DNA. 

The ck2 launching event will be held on 21st – 27th march 2016 at Mid Valley Shopping Mall Center Court. Bringing you a thrill of your life with fabulous deals and exclusive experiences. Join us to witness the celebration of the birth on the biggest fragrance event of the decade.   

[ ck2 Line Retail Price ]
Eau de toilette spray -  RM289 (100ml)
Eau de toilette spray - RM219 (50ml)
Deodorant stick - RM89 (2.6oz/75g)

  "The THRILL of life, the THRILL of youth, when we are #the2ofus. "

Last but not least, the ck2line is now available globally and there are irresistible deals waiting for you, visit to your nearest ck counter now!


You don’t need superpowers to become a #superhero! You just need to dress like one and join the coming Geek Con Malaysia 2016 which is happening on March 19 and 20 at KDU University College Utropolis Glenmarie Campus! With geek culture currently on a rise, Geek Con will be a huge celebration of western and Asian pop culture such as comics, toys, video games, cosplay, and movies. Thus, if you're a cosplayer, comics lover and so on, then you shouldn't missed this event!

Multiple award-winning hip hop artist Point Blanc will be the event emcee and the venue will also be graced by the presence of top cosplayers such as Misa Chiang from Taiwan and Malaysia's very own Jna and Chineko. Anyone is fans of them here?
In addition, in order to return the support from fans and guests, they will be running an online contest for all the visitors who come dressed in cosplay costume. 

[ Contest Details ]
They will take individual photos of the visitors and post it on our Facebook page on the following Monday after the event. All you have to do is tag yourselves in your photo and get your friends to 'Like' it. The two individual photos with the most 'Likes' wins!
[ Winner Prizes ]
- A Funko Pop which sponsored by Bricksmore.
- RM50 voucher from Tony Roma's. Legendary for Ribs.
- Two (2) Golden Screen Cinemas GOLD CLASS tickets which are valid until 8th September 2016.

Besides, there will be mysterious gifts & freebies giveaway during the event! Oh ya! Forgot to mention that MetrosEvents website will be accepting submissions of event & movie reviews from the 19th March onward. For each accepted submission would gain points! It will be redeemable for goodies such as power banks and more. Besides, each review will be recognizably be displayed on their website, Well, I guess it's a good feeling when you saw your own review features on their website right? Sounds great? So remember to submit your movie reviews now!

Let’s bringing geek culture to life and win some prizes! For more info, kindly visit MetrosEvents websitehttp://bit.ly/1pLhDVA 


Hola  Do your phones has their own "dress"? I means casing. For me, I like to put on casing for my phone because I'm afraid it will crack easily whenever I drop my phone. Another factor, it makes my phone looks more outstanding. Speak about outstanding, special thanks to OtterBox for sent me a lovely and beautiful phone case for my baby Rosey. Continue reading to find out more.

OtterBox technology cases are hugely popular in Asia-Pacific for its innovative and versatile styles and underlying rugged protection. OtterBox products are available for purchase at local(Hong Kong) retail outlets in over 13 countries in the Asia Pacific region, and a wide range of products are available online directly from OtterBox website.

At the first sight, I really thought it's the box of luxury piece of jewelry. It looks expensive and elegant. I'm thinking if someone received this, they will think exactly what I thought too. LOL

Premium Cases with Swarovski® Crystals | OtterBox
[ Limited Edition Symmetry Series Crystal Edition ]
OtterBox has several series of phone case and one of them is Symmetry Series Crystal Edition. Each individual piece is the result of highly skilled craftsmanship married with creativity, imagination and innovation. Crystal Limited Edition is individual, charming, practical and idiosyncratic.

OtterBox Premium Cases embellished with Crystals from Swarovski® Trusted Protection. The collection, adorned with crystals from Swarovski® perfectly fits the demure clutch of fashionistas. Crystal Edition remains true to its founding principles: of style and protection. The dedication to quality can be seen in every crystal case with the combination of beauty and practicality, and the unwavering passion for the unique.

You can see how bright of the crystal from the photo above as I'm using flashlight when I took this photo. Shine bright like a diamond!

Genuine Swarovski® Crystal Fine Rock | OtterBox
[ Genuine Swarovski® Crystal Fine Rock ]
Due to characteristics of crystal fine rocks, please avoid contact with cosmetic products, high mechanical and chemical stress.

Attached with my phone | OtterBox
Crystal Edition for iPhone 6/6s is custom-designed to provide superior dual-layer protection against bumps, drops and shock. The case is carefully embellished with crystals from Swarovski® to reflect a taste of glamour and prestige in the city. A perfect matching case to complement your outfits, from formal wear to high heels for a girls night out. An exquisite gift for your special one. 

Stunning accessory with carefully chosen exquisite crystals from Swarovski®. Hand-picked crystals from the finest assure you of a connoisseur look. Crystal Colors are carefully selected to fashionista palatte for a definitive passionate look - Crystal Edition is functional fashion at its finest.

Verdict : It's my favourite phone case now! There are so many advantages of this casing, First up, it is so fashionable. Whenever I'm playing my phone on the street or shopping mall, everyone is looking at it. Next thing would be it is shine bright like a diamond! I always in love with the those bling bling thingy and it just my type! Some more, it's not the normal crystal, it embellished with Swarovski®. Since my phone case is Midnight Crystal, it match with any outfits with ease. It can turns to my accessories. 

[ Features ]
- Ultra-slim profile
- Protection you can count on
- Quick install
- Free Alpha Glass Screen Protector

[ Types Available ]
Midnight Crystal, Gold Sand Crystal and Mystic Crystal.

[ Price ]

[ OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection ]
It means drops, bumps and fumbles are just the beginning. It means your device is protected from the barrage of wear and tear you subject it to everyday.

  [ OTTERBOX ]  

Official Website



Hola  Today post is not about my ootd, beauty stuff or travel log, it's about my thoughts and feeling. This question have been asked by many people lately so I guess if you guys really wish to know the answer, let me reveal it here.

"Why You Don't Play Snapchat?"
Yes, this is the question that I have been asked lately. You might wondering why I think it's annoying. For the first time I being asked by a random person, a friend of friend actually. She said did you play Snapchat? I said no because I din't. She is like many question mark on her head and ask me why. I said nothing special, just I don't have time for it and I'm not interested. She continue saying aren't you a blogger? Why you din't play this? I thought most of the bloggers do.

" So, Blogger Should Play Snapchat? "
First, it's always my decision as a blogger whether I want to play or not. Frankly, when not necessary, I don't really want to spend time on social media or blog. Not saying I don't concern about it, I do but doesn't mean I need to give up the precious time with my loves one including boyfie, family and friends.

I do understand some of the bloggers like to play snapchat because they wish they can share more about their lifestyle with their fans / followers. I means I tried, I installed it on my phone but after few days, I uninstall it. No offence, but I found it's not interesting to me. Everyone got their own preference. I always prefer YouTube than snapchat. I know, both of them are different. But for me, they are the similar.

" Two Jobs. No Time For This "
Yeah, I got two jobs, just in case you don't know yet. Full time as Digital Marketing and part time as blogger. After working for 8 hours at office for full time job, I need to blogging at night time. Most of the time I take photo of those sponsored products on night time or weekend. If you realize, last time I'm active on Instagram, posting photo daily. But now, I only upload photo once per 2 -3 days. Sometime when I got free time, I will record some video and upload it to my YouTube Channel.  If you're my subscriber, you know I only upload one video after a period of time. Facebook is quite easy to manage so I'm still quite active for it. Other than that, I really appreciate the extra time for my own life, life without camera and phone beside me. Yes, when I'm single, I used to active in all social media platforms, attend many events as I could and spend time to blog about them one-by-one. But now, not anymore. I'm not single anymore so I need to spend more time to enjoy the life with my boyfie. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't means I will quit from blogging and social media.

" I Want To Enjoy it While I'm Enjoying In Reality "
Sometime, I really want to enjoy it while I'm enjoying at that moment but not holding a phone and running here and there just to record it. Yes, it might be fun to record down as memory. But I already got some of them on YouTube. Some privacy matter, I don't like to record everything and even upload it on snapchat. Well, if you can get what I means.

" No Rushing Anymore "
I love the current lifestyle. I can choose and accept any campaign that I want, no need to rush due date because I don't have many pending project on hands. You guys might be thinking, if I accept so little projects, how do I earn from blog? I'm pretty sure some of the bloggers knew some of the project is not paid but still, PR still asking for this and that. Well, I will reject this kind of projects. I only accept project with payment or the project that I'm interested.  Not a problem for me, I still can earn at other social media channels.Other than that, I can just share my travel experience, beauty products that I think is good to use, delicious foods that I hunts with you guys. Blogging is my interest / hobby since I was 16 so it's not about time matter.

Thus, don't ever ask me again why I don't play snapchat. If I have time for it, I would rather exchange it with the precious time for my family and friends. Sometime I feel guilty because our parents need to keep track the updates of our social media channel to know what we are doing now. I MISS MY FAMILY.  Loves

P/S : Please understand this post is about me but not about people who playing snapchat. Play snapchat is not a crime so please don't misunderstand. Thank you.


Hola  I guess most of you heard about SEPHORA before. It's one of my favourite store to shop all of my cosmetics. But you know, people who live at KL like me always facing heavy traffic jam and need more time to find the parking. Now no more hassle, because Sephora is going online!

Hello  Today post is about #food. Not just a random food post but about Korean dessert which most of the girl fall in love with it. Yes, today I would like to introduce you guys a 24 hours Nunsongyee Korean Dessert Cafe in Singapore.

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