DiGi WWWOW Awards

Hola!  Digi WWWOW Awards is back! It is Malaysia only Internet for all awards. It is based on 100% user-generated entries to showcase the incredible creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurialism of ordinary Malaysians using the Internet in extraordinary ways to inspire others.  =)

You might be wondering what is exactly of Digi WWWOW? At Digi WWWOW, they know that the Internet doesn't just exist. The Internet is people and people make it all that it is. Well, to put it in one powerful word which is Inspiring. It is home to the ones driver by an insatiable passion to create. The ones gifted with the ability to heal. The ones with an eagle eye for business. And the Internet is the launchpad that makes it possible for Digi WWWOW to take ideas further. Yes, your ideas.

That's why for 5 years now and onwards, Digi WWWOW is on the lookout for aspiring individuals who make the Internet greater. Together, they'll make it more entertaining, helpful, educational, and accessible through innovative services and new products. Because they always believe, the best of the Internet belongs to everyone.  =)

As you guys knew, I'm a part-time blogger but not much people know I'm actually a full time employee with Digital Marketing field. Yes, I do have a full time job as well(now you know). Frankly speaking, I feel glad that blogging have been part of my life since 7 years ago. I had many wonderful and fun experience during the blogging journey. Moreover, it's my honor to work with the following brands.

Me at the LANEIGE BB Cushion Roadshow (link)

Collaboration with HONDA for the test driving. (link)

At the SHISEIDO MAQUILLAGE launching event. (link)

Product review with MA CHERIE. (link)

Collaboration with CLEAN & CLEAR. (link)

There are total 8 categories of Digi WWWOW Awards and today I'm talk about Video & Films. So, what would I do if I'm an entrepreneur in this category? I do have a YouTube Channel since 2 years ago. It's inactive until last year, I decided to keep update it more often. From a blogger move into the vlog industry, I can said the process was fun and I do learnt a lot of things because all the production I done by my own. However, if you're asking me will I interested to be an entrepreneur for my own business. Why not? I found out YouTube is an effective social media platform which can drive your popularity with ease. You can became famous with just one night if your video go viral. 

Thus, if I'm an entrepreneur, I will record a lots of attractive and fun commercial video and upload it into my YouTube Channel. Not just that, I will keep on sharing it on my other social media platforms as well to make it go viral. Of course, professional design concept and editing the video is necessary. I don't mind to learn how to rise up my editing skills by spending more time to watch the tutorial videos and read some articles. For me, it's essential to know all these stuff before you actually starting to record the video and upload it to social media.

Of course, it doesn't only just like that. I can also featured / collaborate with other brands in my video in order to gain the reputation / popularity. This would be my dream to collaborate with those brands and at the same time I can introduce my brand to you all.  

So, if you have the same dream as mine remember to submit your idea to #DGWWWOW and cross the fingers! 

Let me introduce you  DGWWWOW #Hangout. 8 category winners will have the opportunity to sit in with industry experts to elevate their businesses, platforms and social ventures. Wondering what winners will received after that?

Category winners will spend the day with industry leaders in the marketing world to craft extraordinary campaigns to take their products and services to the next level. Industry leaders will also share their personal insights and opinions on the best practices , dos and don'ts and all that brought them to achieve success; winners will be wow-ed by the case studies shared. From digital media, e -commerce to content development, be ready to embrace this exclusive and impactful eye-opening experience.

Digi #WWWOW2015 Awards. Are you the next Internet hero?

[ Schedule ]

Submission Date and Nomination                | 14 Sep - 12 Oct 2015
Vote for People's Choice Award                  | 19 Oct - 30 Oct 2015
Judges and Selection                                      | 13 Oct - 12 Nov 2015
Award Night and Winner Announcement | 20 November 2015

Have you got a project, an idea or a business on the Internet that you are proud of? Let them help you take it further! Submit your entry HERE, or nominate someone who you think deserves to win. 
**Submissions open from 14 Sept – 12 Oct 2015**

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