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Hola  It's about #foodporn again! I know you guys love when I blogged about food because whoever you are boys or girls you also can check out this post. And, you can bring your lover to give it a try whenever they said what to eat later. LOL~ I guess you guys knew I featured 103 Coffee Workshop at my Top 10 Cafe in Klang Valley previously right? Yes, this time gonna be more details post about them.  =)

I'm actually visit them quite frequently because first, they just located nearby my house and second, their foods are delicious. If you're my loyal reader then you should know I love Japanese foods. What so special about 103 Coffee Workshop was they have the combination foods of Japanese and Western, at the same time they also mixing some local tastes. 

This busy city needs a one stop resting station. Somewhere comfortable that let an individual or a group of friends and family to have a short rest. Somewhere that is not filled with unnecessary things that cloud your mind, a place where you can fill your stomach with japanese don and brunch set, a place where you can enjoy a nice cup of speciality coffee and hand-brewed coffee. This is the beginning of your beautiful encounter with 103 Coffee Workshop.

- Lady Earl Grey | RM9.50 -

A delicate fusion of lavender flowers with tea presented as a tribute to Charles Grey, a former Prime Minister of Great Britain. Some of you might know, I'm a tea person instead of coffee. Thus, Most of the time I ordered the Orea Choc Blended that I mentioned previously in the "Top 10 Cafe in Klang Valley" post, or I just order a pot of tea.

- Hot Belgian Chocolate | RM9.90 -

I quite like their chocolate flavour because its not taste too sweet. It got smell of belgian chocolate and I can really taste the chocolate flavour instead of just sweet. They will create a nice coffee art on the top or you as well.

Of course, if you want to go for just plain water, 103 Coffee Workshop always have a big bottle of plain water on table for you to fill up your glass. It can be refill as well.

- Aburi Chasu Don | RM19.90 -

Let's introduce you the new menu - Aburi chasu Don. It's bascially broiled pork belly don. 103 Coffee Worskhop always working for newly launch menu after a period. And this time they want to focus more on the pork. The boss himself was a person who like to eat pork so he comes out with this idea. As you can see, the main character was the pork itself along with many other ingredients such as seaweed, egg, Japanese ginger and rice.

You can see how juicy and attractive of the pork. The percentage of the fat was just fine because there are 20% of fat(肥肉) and the other 80% was the meat(瘦肉). For those girl who don't like too oily foods, you may give it a try too. The price worth it because the portion was quite big for me. LOL

- Hand Brew v60 pour over Ethopia Hunda Oil | RM18 -

If you're a coffee person, this is a MUST TRY for you. The barista will hand brew the coffee just for you.

103 Coffee workshop actually have several types of coffee bean and it may different depends on the season. No worries, they always pick up what's the best for you.

This set consist of cold and hot coffee with the same coffee bean. I love the cold one. I'm not really the coffee person but this one, its taste are so light and it got a little bit of sour. That's why I like it.

The Ethopia Limu coffee bean smell so nice!

- Hiyashi Goma Udon | RM15.90 -

Another newly launch menu was - Hiyashi Goma Udon. It's cold udon served with Japanese sesame sauce. The boss explained to us why he had chosen udon instead of soba is because Malaysian was prefer udon instead of soba. I guess he was right because most of my friend love udon rather than soba. This was my second time for tasting cold udon because normally I will chose cold soba. And guess what, it taste nice!

I love this! It got plenty of ingredients inside such as ham, mushroom, onion and cherry tomatoes etc. I also like the fact they use sesame sauce instead of soy sauce to bring out the taste and appetite!

- Luncheon Meat Sandwiches -

This was another new menu which will launch very soon! What so special about this sandwiches was they are using luncheon meat! Anyone who like to eat luncheon meat like I do?

The sandwiches consists of egg and luncheon meat but the luncheon meat taste was so strong and I like it! I know whenever we talk about luncheon meat and some of you might think will lit taste salty? Not really. The boss will actually put it as a standard. They will control the salty level so customers can enjoy the tasty lucheon meat. The side dish sweet potato was crispy and tasty as well. It also come along with the salad if you think the sandwiches was too dry.

- Pork Shoulder Sandwiches - 

The boss was bold enough to use pork shoulder as the main ingredients for this sandwiches because there are so rare for the chef to use this ingredient in Malaysia. He told us if you're using the appropriate way to cook it, it will taste really delicious.

Of course, it comes with the crispy sweet potato and the salad with sesame sauce again to bring up the taste.

You can see how they chop the pork shoulder until small pieces of size.

Besides of the delicious foods and beverages, 103 Coffee Workshop also selling several types of coffee bean to the customers and these 2 types of their best selling coffee bean - Kenya Muwa and Ethiopia Limu.

This was the one that I'm tasting that I mentioned previously. Limu is a high-quality wet-processed (washed) Ethiopian coffee that exhibits a relatively low-acidity yet is somewhat sharp. The brewed cup is distinguished by its well-balanced body (mouthfeel) and noticeable winey and spicy flavors, often fruit-toned, pleasantly sweet and vibrant with floral overtones. (Source)  If you're interested to purchase them and hand brew it at home by your own, remember be fast because they only sell limited packet.  =)

[ 103 Coffee Workshop ]
No.103, Jalan Radin Bagus, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
Wilayah Persekutuan, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Opening Hours :
Mon - Sat | 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Sun | 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

Tel :
03 - 9054 5512

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